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18th October 2019

Demi Lovato’s alleged nudes leak as her Snapchat account is hacked (

Demi Lovato, Instagram
Demi Lovato—Halloween “vanity” fair

A message reading ‘Join this discord server for my nudes’ with a swipe-up link was added to her snaps, before an image of a naked brunette, purported to be the Sorry Not Sorry singer, was shown.

The image read: ‘Join the chuckling squad discord for more.’

With it claimed to be “Chuckling Squad” that recently leaked an alleged sneak peak of Chloe Grace Moretz and rather embarrassingly took over toxic Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account, although thankfully not attempting to entice any with leaked nudes from his meditative Myanmar retreats.

And almost immediately the nudes via Discord popped up on celebrity picture posts and forums, and although somewhat low quality and semi-wearing a gown worn at the InStyle Awards suggesting them to be about two years old do indeed reveal see has indeed gone the full Brazilian (Celebrity Tongue Digest, 16th Sept. 2019) and fulfilling the Demi nudes leaked promise that was never really fulfilled (Pick of the Week, 8th Apr. 2014).

The messages have been removed from Demi’s Snapchat, with The Blast reporting that the star’s team has been working on getting the images removed from online forums.

A futile task of course.

Updated 19th October 2019

Demi Lovato fans come to her defense as she has private photos hacked and leaked on Snapchat (

One wrote: “Demi nearly died of an overdose just a year ago and has been mocked and brought down by the gp since. now her nudes leaked and y’all are laughing and sharing. ik she’s said stupid stuff in the past but give the girl a break… #DemiLovato.”

No doubt with wannabe moderators on forums and sanctimonious bishop bashing queen bees in Chapopolis chatrooms expressing their indignation too if someone else is getting attention for it.

Pompous Exotic Windbag says: “Bad taste, at a low point and not exotic enough anyway for me to tell all how juicy my knoblewurst is.”

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