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24th September 2016

Seemingly the failure of “The Fappening” to achieve the real money-making intentions because none would touch stolen or at least private pics for publication with the ten foot pole some were holding waiting for the next Avril Lavigne leak, equally decided they would not pay for access either, have not hit home for some hackers, or opportunists with access:

Emma Watson: Take down semi-nude pics or else! (

Emma Watson
Certainly not Emma Watson, any likeness being purely coincidental.

You perhaps know the ones that are not click-baiting semi-nude but in a quite conservative, Horse & Hound lady-like outfit but with no bra and light making her cream thin long sleeved top rather see-thru.

“Emma Watson got justice by siccing her legal team on a site that posted racy pics of her in a see-through top without a bra. Emma’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the website, Celeb Jihad—which somehow acquired private photos of Emma in a sheer top. The outfit exposed her breasts and nipples. Her legal team put it in pretty simple terms—Emma owns the pics and the copyright on them, so Celeb Jihad was breaking the law by posting them. According to the letter, the photos were taken by Emma’s stylist, who then gave Emma all rights.”

The amount of fake celeb nudity they are often cease-and-desist pulled up for being the last of any worries compared to the often Trump-esque racist misogyny in the accompanying text that seeming is chosen to suit its readership.

What perhaps was more entertaining—than nipples?—was the reason I, and indeed I would assume many passed on over the pics for when saw, being that seemingly said stylist had attempted to perhaps still use inappropriate pics by Photoshopping out the nipples leading to the which came first Photoshop or nipples chicken and egg that was not as successful when they tried to P’Shop knickers on LiLo all those years back in 2006 when stepping up out of boat, you remember those pics I’m sure (

As for the Em ones in question, yep, not with said ten foot pole of course but I’m sure you would have no trouble finding on whatever forum is your choice, that being the can’t put the nipples genie back in the bottle nature of the internet.

And to follow up on that posh Brit darlin’ of cane waving celeb lovin’ elders, another even posher Brit more media monarchy-missing obsessively-renowned States-side more for her bottom:

James Matthews, Pippa Middleton
Eric Bristow, Darts—The Crafty Cockney Way
Eric Bristow, Darts—The Crafty Cockney Way

Pippa Middleton’s iCloud hacked as 3,000 private photos of her and fiance James Matthews stolen (

“Pippa Middleton’s iCloud has been hacked as representatives warn private pictures of her and fiance James Matthews are being offered for sale. Pippa is said to have been told photographs illegally taken from her iCloud account are being offered to publications. … The Sun reports it was offered intimate shots via e-mail for £50,000 by a man calling himself ‘Crafty Cockney’. … The thief is reported to have said he was seeking a quick sale to either a British or US magazine. The paper reports an e-mail as saying: ‘There is of course a price for which im (sic) accepting offers of a minimum of 50,000 GBP.”

The “Crafty Cockney!” Who knew Eric Bristow was such a hacker wiz as well as with beer and arrows! (GoogleTube).

Updates/Follow Ups

25th September 2016

Man held after claims Pippa Middleton’s account was hacked (

“A 35-year-old man has been arrested by police investigating claims that Pippa Middleton’s iCloud account was hacked. Scotland Yard said they arrested the man on Saturday evening at an address in Northamptonshire.”

So seemingly indeed not “Crafty Cockney” Eric Bristow MBE going for Bully’s hacked Special Prize, but undoubtedly in need of the BFH (Bus Fare Home).

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