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A peek at illustration inspiring celebrity sexiness, quirky news stories from inherently pornified pop culture, tips, sketchbook and work in progress, reviews and other things of interest; whatever’s on my mind really—which more fool you if you ever take that seriously.

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9th May 2017

Emma Watson delivers passionate speech as she accepts first-ever genderless acting gong at MTV Movie and TV Awards (

Emma Watson: “Mine’s doubtless bigger than yours.”
Emma Watson, Feminist T&A
Emma Watson, Feminist T&A
“The Beauty and the Beast star, 27, made history at the annual event held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. After collecting her award for Best Actor in a Movie, she praised MTV for making their awards genderless. She said: ‘I feel I have to say something about the award itself. The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience.’”

Which unnervingly sounds like it may get a lil’ too close to that often seen on some celeb blogs and “image faps” with much pictorial description of what famous genderly-specific female face makes them do with much “Chapopolis” genderless spiel about “a hole being a hole” and invariable talk about what ancient Greek philosophers had to say about that.

A hole, perhaps hard to distinguish in dimly lit and hard to tell in allegorical cave

Which, being a life long fan of philosophy, and with a digest giving a philosophical deconstruction of latest topical news stories—pointing out the ridiculously awful self-generated whiff inevitably found in conspiracy dungarees as much as anything else—undoubtedly may lead to a misunderstanding and accusations of “leading on” from some hoping I might care to wander down to some text-based “ManOChat” in virtual truck stop bondage basement run by a hypothetical man on the orange Rustbelt omnibus ( the self-descriptively named “Moose” in which, along with curious Tim ’n’ Buck too, is invariably populated by a half-dozen certainly over 40 but often in their 60s self-declared Navy vets, accountants, stockbrokers, professors in hose and often an alt-astronaut all talking in private in an otherwise silent chat room.

But then again, that is part of the pop cultural meme games we play—and that Digest in particular— plays with it, rather than anything else.

But hell, if foot stamping with Moose, and virtual pokeage of things in curious holes in partition walls with Tim and Buck too excites while talking about those “serious issues” appealing to angry, disaffected chaps as well as about, I assume post-Potter Em, seriously, go knock yourself alt-out.

This is no cave!

A digest that through the quirky deconstruction of latest stories aims to show that a lot of media “opinion” is actually just “agenda” or “opportunity” and why philosophy is useful in everyday life in defining—for and by yourself—the difference between what ancient Greeks like Plato defined as episteme (knowledge) and doxa (belief), and not just idealistic training to pack Fyffes bananas. Think a bumper bonanza of those cultural, political and just down right hypothetical you don’t really read in Latest Picks.

Updated 10th May 2017

And, perhaps those angry, disaffected chaps should just step out of their basement closet too, I mean the modern world is a lot more accepting and likely couldn’t care less about “buddies” being mainly for jerking; seriously, there’s no need to make alt-trolls make you feel marginalised.

The hidden symbol in Emma Watson’s MTV Awards outfit (

Emma Watson GLAAD badge
“You may have missed sign of solidarity for LGBTIQ and other marginalised people. It was subtle, but plain to see (on the Beauty and The Beast actor’s waist). The blue ampersand ‘&’ pin on The Best Actor in A Movie winner’s belt is from GLAAD, a group working to better the lives of LGBTQ+ and marginalised people. ‘Together, we resist the powers that seek to divide us. We must stand in solidarity,’ the GLAAD website states.”

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