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19th October 2018

Seemingly in some sort attempt to win back their creditability and the confidence of young ’uns, their long-lost demographic:

Facebook hires former deputy PM Sir Nick Clegg (

Sir Nick Clegg with Facebook logo reflected in glass, image: PA

Oh dear! The hiring of the former coalition’s Lib Dem and now “Sir” Peg-Leg Clegg about as credible as making former chancellor George Osborne editor of a news paper… like they did and are now in the red paying for (, Jul. 2018).

Sir Nick’s new job title will be vice-president of global affairs and communications at Facebook.

Starting on Monday and spending the week at F’book’s Menlo Park headquarters and moving his family to California in the new year.

Sir Nick of course having little creditability with the young, well with anybody, for seemingly dropping the Lib Dems’ only ball by breaking a promise that he would vote against any rise in university tuition fees during his leadership tenure and genually acting as Tory Uncle CamerTom’s doormat while F’book lack credibility with the same demographic not wanting their mum, aunt and granny now on there too “liking” their posts.

With parallels being drawn and any confusion seemingly being, as it often is with young ’uns, exactly who to be more disappointed with the previously very critical of “the messianic Californian new-worldy-touchy-feely culture of Facebook” Sir Nick being accused of hypocrisy in accepting the role earning him more than £1 M a year ( with it taking “months of wooing” by Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg seemingly purported as defense:

“Initially popular with the young but now no longer trusted, Facebook appoints Nick Clegg.”

It could perhaps be argued, as was often the case when I had a brief spell in the corporate-partnering world of adult education, that you can only change things from the inside, which seems to be the ethical defense Sir Nick himself is putting forward according to The Telegraph article:

Sir Nick told the BBC: “I said to them, if you’re prepared to let me into the inner circle, in the black box, and me give real authority, then I’m interested.”

“Real authority” perhaps, but the “real” incentive for Zuck being that Clegg’s strong links with the European Parliament makes him something of an inside man in a Europe threatening to limit their advertising with users as their product potential:

Nick Clegg’s new job lobbying the European Commission for Facebook (

The former MP for Sheffield Hallam is being hired for his connections at the European Commission. He was a former EC trade negotiator and member of the European Parliament. Facebook is the prime legal target of the European Commission for privacy breaches and a myriad of other regulatory issues. Not the least of which is taxing the internet giant.

Updated 26th January 2019

And reminding what’s most important for Facebook:

Inside Nick Clegg’s £7m mansion in America’s most expensive postcode (

Sir Nick Clegg’s sprawling mansion for £7million
Photos taken inside Sir Nick’s sprawling new home in Atherton, near San Francisco, California, said to be the US’ most expensive postcode, capture the “luxurious amenities”.

Including an outdoor pool, hot tub , large gardens, an an island seating area, kitchen with marble worktops and situated in around one acre of land.

Not bad at all for chap that steered the Lib Dems to disaster (, May 2015) which in turn seemingly put Blighty on top of Brexit cliff ready to unspectacularly dive off after uncle CamerTom got reelected with a majority sending the referendum veto he assumed from coalition Clegg for a burton ( Lets hope he doesn’t lose his principles when trying—and probably failing—to find his way out.

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