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26th July 2018

Facebook shares suffer record fall losing £91 BILLION in value leaving Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune down £12.78 billion (

Mark Zuckerberg: “But the world needs me to connect people with the right ads.”
The drop saw 18 per cent wiped off the value of the social media giant’s share price within minutes of the New York stock exchange bell ringing today.

With published blow expectation second quarter results seeing investors frantically selling off their shares and traders dubbing it “Facebook Thursday”, but likely with much #fbf to come with investors warned they may yet see the price drop further.

Indeed emphasising the that it will likely be shareholders that do more to “legislate” F’book than US or EU could ever hope to do (Blog updated 2nd Jun. 2018). Perhaps they will have to pimp and push that Facebook old folk Dating all the more (Latest Picks 3rd May 2018).

Updated 27th July 2018

And of other social media self respecting hip Gen-Z young un’s avoid like virtual plague too:

Twitter shares plunge, image: Reuters
Image: Reuters

Twitter shares plunge as user total falls (

Shares in Twitter have fallen close to 20% after the messaging platform reported a fall in active users.

Which CEO Jack Dorsey put down to the huge purge of “fake”-or rather locked—accounts deleted a few in the first week of the month with the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift lose millions of Followers (

Despite profit being up $100m in its second quarter results (, with it making a profit for the first time ever in its 12-year history a few months back—after cutting costs (, Feb. 2018).

The loss of users no doubt due to Jack’s insistence you give him your mobile number—as Facebook do too—so he can be sure you are not a cardboard Russian and despite profit will be as instant on convincing the users left getting their daily “news”—from it like Lily Allen or those having a trolling away-day out from under their bridge (, Jun. 2018) that the speculative bubble if not outright scam that are cryptocurrencies are the future and of need of him to pimp (updated 22nd Feb. 2018).

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