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26th August 2019


The 2019 Go Topless Pride Parade in Manhattan

The annual Go Topless day celebrating it’s 12th anniversary and the parade through Manhattan arranged by in support of gender equality and to promote the desexualisation of the breast on the eve of Women’s Equality Day in the U.S. yesterday, with it obviously unfair Pride parades should only be associated with all things LGBT+.

The 2019 Go Topless Pride Parade went down Sunday, with several women going completely bare-chested to advocate for the right to be topless in public—just like men—without fear of being arrested or shamed.

With several chaps joining in topless or wearing “ridiculous bras” to display their feminist credentials on their moobs while getting a desexualised eyeful.

The parade participants believe women have the same constitutional right as men to go topless in public, and there’s nothing disorderly about the conduct of baring your breasts.

With NYC seemingly the capital of all things #FreeTheNipple, although desexualised female breasts legal in public places in New York City since 1992, so protest emphasis on states still banning:

So far, 35 states in the U.S. have gone topless, but clearly … there’s more half-naked work to be done.

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