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13th April 2018

Huge blue penis mural erected in Stockholm—but it won’t last long (

Carolina Falkholt, blue penis mural in Stockholm

Indeed, what a horrible thought of it prematurely blowing its blue load that brings to mind.

The penis, complete with bulging veins, appeared on the side of a Stockholm apartment block on Wednesday to the shock of residents.

Swedish graffiti artist Carolina Falkholt (Instagram) commissioned to do it by art agents Kollektivet Livet and property developers Atrium Ljungberg after her big red penis mural in NYC (Instagram) only lasted a few days.

She has had some huge angry red vulvas exhibited inside in NYC galleries too though (, reminding that female nudity easily gets on a gallery wall even if female artists often do not (Latest Picks 21st July 2016) but that you have to erect your big blue or red cock on a wall as an unsuspected surprise with rogering shock value to get anyone to want to look at it.

Camilla Klint, Atrium Ljungberg’s marketing head, said: “Of course we care about artistic freedom, but at the same time we must respect the opinion of our closest neighbours.

“By letting it remain for a short period, we are offering anyone who’s interested a chance to experience the work.”

Indeed, not giving old Mrs Gustavsson much of a chance to miss it if she puts the right specs on when popping out to buy pickled herring.

But of course, it’s just “lady wood”.

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