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18th May 2020

IKEA[:] Don’t masturbate in our stores … reminder after viral video (

Spray at IKEA, Pornhub

The Swedish furniture company is kindly reminding folks not to masturbate while shopping after footage of a woman doing just that went viral on Chinese social media.

In the raunchy clip, you see a half-dressed woman touching herself while sitting on sofas, chairs and beds displayed throughout the store -- at one point, other shoppers walk by and seemingly get a peep show. The woman even twerks for the camera.

But with China only just tentatively emerging from its pandemic lockdown suggesting that it was not shot recently:

It's unclear when the video, which has since been scrubbed from Chinese social media was shot ... no one is wearing a face mask in the footage, which makes it seem like the masturbating muse hit up an IKEA before the coronavirus outbreak.

But with the “water spray at IKEA” viral clip in question found here ( and with the ready-to-assemble retailer concerned this could become a trend and somewhat keen to stop any more squirtage onto more of its Slampa sofas:

The Swedish homeware group says ... “We resolutely oppose and condemn this kind of behavior, and immediately reported it to the police in the city of the suspected store.”

And with a further peek on the user-upload porn clip sharer suggesting it already has ( with indeed full length, full squirt videos rather than clips being sold by an Asian exhibitionist camgirl somewhat similar to the viral vid (ibid.) via ManyVids, a service long catering to whatever your voyeuristic peccadilloes and no doubt at some point soon Pornhub attempting to cash in with its own do-it-on-and-up-your-armchair campaign.

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