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11th April 2019

And so as it was always going to play out at some point with the cost of having Inspector Knacker’s constant watching of the doors costing British tax payers millions a year ( and embassy staff long telling of his “discourteous and aggressive” behavior and bad hygiene (

Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder arrested in London (

Julian Assange taken from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London

Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped.

At Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday he was found guilty of failing to surrender to the court.

With his asylum withdrawn by Ecuador, embassy staff allowing Knacker in to get to grips with him and pull out the computer hacker/publisher/journalist, his black suit and polo shirt offset but a white beard in addition to his white pony tailed hair. And after a brief stop at a central London police station it was straight off to court where he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Note: This post has been moved to my This Is No Cave digest giving a quirky deconstruction of the media’s representation of latest news stories.

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