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16th November 2018

Having split from Simon Cowell’s Syco record label earlier in the week:

Little Mix strip naked and are scrawled with insults (

Little Mix posed naked with offensive words written all over their bodies, image: Rankin
Image: Rankin

Saying on Instagram that the shot of them naked with words like “slutty”, “ugly” and “talentless” scrawled across their bodies by famed portrait and fashion photographer and director Rankin and the new single “Strip” it promotes is “all about standing proud”, which doubtless some fans of Jesy et al. are having seen the piccie:

They said it was written to “encourage and empower people to be who they are”. And their fans seem to love it.

With Jesy saying “We’re talking about stuff we’ve wanted to speak about for ages” and “We’ve all suffered from body confidence and negative comments, and up until now we didn’t really have a song we felt addressed everything we needed to” and Perrie Edwards adding “We just want women to feel equal and incredible”.

Jesy Nelson getting to grips with Perrie Edwards’ ass in the Little Mix Strip video

Lyrics for the track include “Jiggle all this weight, yeah you know I love all of this / Finally love me naked / Sexiest when I’m confident” and the video itself, a clip of which accompanies the single’s promotional posts on Instagram features Jesy getting to grips with a surprised but I’m loving it-looking Perrie Edwards’ ass checks and is co-directed by Rankin and features “real women” they describe as “incredible” and “inspirational” in the form of a pick ’n’ mix of influencers, activists, friends and family—who’s asses may also be getting a good ol’ rub too, we shall have to wait and see with the full track and video released later today in partnership with YouTube Music.

“I am so so so excited about this! I’m in @LittleMix’s music video for #Strip along with so many other incredible women!”, Sex and relationships YouTuber, Hannah Witton
Sex and relationships YouTuber, Hannah Witton

It has also created A #StripForLittleMix hashtag on the often none-too-social media where much of the virtual body shaming occurs for fans to share their stories of empowerment through Little Mix, although I’d have to say that actually sounds a little more like the lonely alt-rascals on 4chan who used similar to try to trick girls into sharing naked piccies in solidarity with their idol J.Law at the time of the first Fappening (Latest Picks updated 4th Sept. 2014).

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