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25th March 2019

With rumpus rumblings regards Posh’s non-singing fee, “tarty costumes” and an expensive support act not “remotely in tune” with them or their “older” fan base as the Girl Power juggernaut prepares for another “final tour”, 12 years after the last one (

Spice Girl Mel B confesses she had SEX with Geri: ‘It just happened’ (

Mel B: “I licked her ginger minge.”

The pair enjoyed the steamy session when they were at the height of their fame.

It was kept secret for more than two decades but Mel, 43, has now gone public—and admitted it was just about sex.

Telling likeable broadcasting provocateur Piers Morgan in a “candid” recorded interview for his ITV chat show Life Stories set to be aired in the summer that:

“We were best friends. It just happened. It wasn’t a thing. It just happened.

“We just giggled at it and that was it. It just happens one time and then you talk about it and it does not really happen again.”

Cheekily adding “she had great boobs” and that “this is a bombshell. A Spice Girls bombshell”, and to further pimp it suggesting that “all of the Spice Girls became so close in the 90s that they regularly enjoyed snogs”. The only suprise being that Lily Allen has yet to Tweet that she was tonguing Mel B’s bum sometime during her lost and lonely period too. Perhaps for a future book extract serialisation (Latest Picks Sept. 2018).

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