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27th June 2017

Tate Modern to stage largest UK retrospective of Modigliani’s work (

Modigliani, Nu couché, 1917-18
Nu couché, 1917-18
Modigliani, Portrait of a Young Woman, 1918
Portrait of a Young Woman, 1918

Being that Modigliani famous—although not in his lifetime, being the epitome of the drink and drug addicted tragic artist—who drew and painted Caryatidesque forms characterized by elongated of faces figures with ultra slender necks, often nude—although, in art’s sacred “tradition”, only females (Latest Picks 21st Jul. 2016), males remaining clothed: Amedeo Modigliani (Wikipedia).

“It wasn’t the voluptuous curves of the naked woman, stretched out across the window of a small Paris gallery in 1917, which horrified the police commissioner who unfortunately lived directly opposite. It was the shocking fact that the artist Amedeo Modigliani had given her hair—and not just on her head, but pubic and underarm hair as well.

“The exhibition was the only solo show in the lifetime of an artist whose works museums and private collectors covet alike, but whose life was short, poor, and scarred by illness and substance abuse. Most of the nudes from the Paris exhibition, many modelled by friends and lovers, will be reunited at a major exhibition opening in November at Tate Modern, the most comprehensive retrospective of his work in Britain.”

With the Tate seeing the future is VR, and not just for whatever kind of Second Life with targeted VR ads Facebook will eventually become:

“The exhibition will include a virtual reality experience, being created by HTC Vive, the first of its kind at the Tate, with visitors borrowing headsets to enter the world of early 20th century Paris.”

Modigliani, Tate Modern London, 23 November 2017—2 April 2018 (

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