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2nd May 2017

The “life of Pablo” invariably appearing in top if not top of many, especially online artists list of favourites and inspirations along with Dalí:

Picasso was “misogynistic”, says friend

Picasso was “misogynistic”, says friend (video,

“An exhibition of Picasso’s art has opened in the Gagosian museum in London, curated by a close friend. ‘’He absolutely adored women but he was, I’m afraid very misogynistic. I don’t think you can defend his view, I don’t, but it made art.”

Which, with a repeated proclivity for painting mistress Dora Maar weeping, cubistically or not, should perhaps surprise no one: The Weeping Woman (Wikipedia).

“Dora, for me, was always a weeping woman…. And it’s important, because women are suffering machines.”
Picasso, “The Weeping Woman”
Dora Maar as Picasso’s “The Weeping Woman”

Whereas he was part bull, the Minotaur often depicted and often as himself—although the bull an important figure along with the horse in Spanish culture—and his allusions to Mithraism, the Greco-Roman mystery religion centred around the god Mithras—something of a Pagan Christ figure—that was practised in the Roman Empire from about the 1st to the 4th century, which the video touches upon at 0:20. The Mithraic Cult (

“Picasso’s use of the bullfight theme appears to have an association with the Mithraic cult. The American art historian Ruth Kaufman identified the use of Mithraic iconography in Picasso’s Crucifixion of 1930 and associated it with the writings of Georges Bataille who was Picasso’s friend at that time. Picasso also seems to have referred to the Mithraic cult in his work before….”
Sylvette Davis on being a muse for Picasso

He also liked ’em a bit shy—and perhaps in awe—I hear:

“Picasso chose me because I am shy and not sexy” (audio,

Picasso: Minotaurs and Matadors, The Gagosian, London 28th Aug.—25th Aug. 2017 (

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