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Whatever’s on my mind really.

A peek at illustration inspiring celebrity sexiness, quirky news stories from inherently pornified pop culture, tips, sketchbook and work in progress, reviews and other things of interest; whatever’s on my mind really—which more fool you if you ever take that seriously.

Latest Picks is a sort of mini-blog for daily thoughts and picks. Longer articles, stories & sketches are found in the full-size blog, where indeed Latest Picks are moved when updates to a story make it too large.

Note: Both Latest Picks and Blog are to be retired at the end of September, although both will remaining available indefinitely as an archived part of the site. No further updates to past stories will be made.

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6th September 2020

Picks hiatus

Ariana Grande—The Champagne Incident

Regretfully I find I no longer have the time to maintain the mix of pornified pop culture picks that is Latest Picks and Blog. The last few years have been somewhat turbulent personally (, updated 5th Dec. 2019) and I have found outlining and maintaining updates to stories has took me down a path that seemingly daily takes me further, and further from the purpose of those news and gossip stories being topical background for illustration and caricature to them often being the focus in them self, which was certainly never the intention.

Therefore, both the mini-blog that is Latest Picks and the full Blog shall be sidelined with no further updates to past stories made and within a month or so become an archived part of the site, although remaining available indefinitely so as to prevent any link rot for those those that have indeed kindly linked—a situation which made me shudder long back as being what happened when the Pick of the Week that was a Blog feature found many of the websites to which the Picks had linked suddenly closed, leaving me deciding to maintain a series of celeb pictorial Digests which although very enjoyable to do was perhaps the first step down that labour intensive misguided path and the last of which has itself recently been put on hiatus. Sadly, this will also mean there will be no Best of Picks on New Year’s Eve, a shame because I have always thoroughly enjoyed looking back through picks to sum up the year.

In future Gallery image pages shall them self contain any topical story from which it is inspired rather than as has been until now a link leading to the writeup of such in Picks. Hopefully that will assist getting my illustrative priorities straight and I hope those that have kindly sent stories will continue to do so as, for sure, it is the amount of time available that has diminished rather than my interest.

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