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A peek at illustration inspiring celebrity sexiness, quirky news stories from inherently pornified pop culture, tips, sketchbook and work in progress, reviews and other things of interest; whatever’s on my mind really—which more fool you if you ever take that seriously.

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6th July 2017

The pool float that looks like a sanitary pad (

Pasadena Pool Float
“A pool float that resembles a giant inflatable sanitary pad has sparked a discussion on social media about the unfortunate design. The picture was first posted on social media site Reddit three days ago with users joking about the Pasedena Pool float’s seemingly unintentional resemblance to a feminine hygiene product. One Reddit user remarked: ‘It gives me the confidence I need to float in the pool.’ But it was when the photo of the giant lilo pad was shared by Jillian David on Twitter that users questioned how such a design could’ve been commissioned.”

Indeed, don’t take it to the Red Sea.

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Illustrations, paintings, and cartoons featuring caricatured celebrities are intended purely as parody and fantasised depictions often relating to a particular news story, and often parodying said story and the media and pop cultural representation of said celebrity as much as anything else. Who am I really satirising? Read more.

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