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4th March 2019

Keith Flint: Prodigy vocalist dies aged 49 (

Keith Flint

The Braintree-born star found at his home in Essex with his death not being treated as suspicious according to police but with Prodigy founder Liam Howlett saying “our brother Keith took his own life over the weekend”.

The Prodigy released a statement confirming the news, saying: “It is with deepest shock and sadness that we can confirm the death of our brother and best friend Keith Flint. A true pioneer, innovator and legend. He will be forever missed. We thank you for respecting the privacy of all concerned at this time.”

Having worked as a roofer in Essex before joining the Prodigy, the punk-esque spiked haired, maniacal gurning and tongue poking singer initially joining as a dancer, later becoming a frontman alongside rapper Maxim and performing the vocals on the Prodigy’s best known singles, Firestarter and Breathe, both of which went to No 1 in 1996 and credited with helping to break EDM into the mainstream in the USA, making him a truly international 90s icon.

#RIPKeithFlint (Instagram).

And sadly on the same day, having suffered a stoke last week:

Luke Perry, star of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and ‘Riverdale,’ dead at 52 (

Luke Perry on the cover of Vanity Fair
“He was surrounded by his children Jack and Sophie, fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer, ex-wife Minnie Sharp, mother Ann Bennett, step-father Steve Bennett, brother Tom Perry, sister Amy Coder, and other close family and friends. The family appreciates the outpouring of support and prayers that have been extended to Luke from around the world, and respectfully request privacy in this time of great mourning. No further details will be released at this time,” a statement from Robinson read.

Starting with small roles in soap operas it was the role of seemingly bad boy Dylan McKay in the iconic hit coming-of-age series Beverly Hills 90210 in 1990 which found him fame.

Perry’s character was so popular among fans that in 1991 an expected crowd of 2,000 at a Florida mall turned into a stampede of 10,000 when he appeared at an autograph signing.

Then appearing in big screen roles including Buffy the Vampire Slayer which itself would become a hit series although without him and many series and TV movies before teen drama series Riverdale exploring the darkness hidden behind a seemingly perfect image in 2017.

#RIPLukePerry (Instagram).

Updated 6th March 2019

Ketth [sic.] Flint reportedly tried to reconcile with his wife Mayumi Kai days before suicide (

Keith Flint and Mayumi Kai, image: PA
Image: PA via Daily Star article

A source claimed: “Keith always hoped they could make it work and he made various phone calls to her, pleading with her.

“But she didn’t change her mind and insisted they sell the house. It broke Keith. Mayumi isn’t to blame but it seems that Keith didn’t think he could carry on without her.”

With the Japanese DJ 6,000 miles away performing a gig in Tokyo when Keith died.

Updated 8th May 2019

Keith Flint: Prodigy star took drugs before death (

The Prodigy singer Keith Flint had unspecified amounts of cocaine, alcohol and codeine in his system when he died, an inquest heard.

But the Senior Coroner for Essex recorded an open conclusion as to whether he had taken his own life despite death being due to hanging:

The coroner also said there was insufficient evidence to record the singer’s death as an accident where he may have been “larking around and it all went horribly wrong”.