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24th January 2018

Ursula K Le Guin: US fantasy author dies at home in Oregon (

The best-selling writer passed away on Monday at her home in Portland, Oregon, after a period of ill health. Le Guin’s books melded dragons and wizards with spaceships to tackle earth-bound problems of race, gender and class. She wrote more than 20 novels and over 100 short stories that sold millions of copies around the world.

And designated a Library of Congress Living Legend in 2000 and made a Grandmaster of Science Fiction, one of a few women writers to take the top honor in the genre” in 2003.

She was best known for the Earthsea series, written for young adults, and her 1969 sci-fi classic The Left Hand of Darkness, set on a planet called Gethen, where everyone is ambisexual. “I tend to avoid fiction about dysfunctional urban middle-class people written in the present tense,” she once said.

But with fantasy, sci-fi and erotica often sharing an audience and therefore often the same publishing beat for writers and artists, even for an avowed feminist:

Ursula K. Le Guin, 0n the occasion of Hugh Hefner’s death,   Instagram
On the occasion of Hugh Hefner’s death: “In the late sixties, Robie Macauley, the fiction editor of Playboy—“Entertainment for Men”—was publishing stories of literary interest. My agent, Virginia Kidd, who couldn’t be kept in a ghetto of any kind, sent him one of mine. It was pure science fiction, and all the important characters in it were men. Virginia submitted it under the discreet byline of U. K. Le Guin …” (Read more, Ursula K Le Guin on Instagram)

A lifelong student of taoism (, Apr. 2013) and a self-described “bourgeois housewife” embraced by anarchists (, Apr. 2016), she will be greatly missed.

#RIPUrsulaKLeGuin (Twitter).


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