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22nd September 2018

Rihanna has been named Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary of her home country of Barbados (

Rihanna, Savage X Fenty Rihanna gives good concert oops

The “Extraordinary” being Savage X undies and Xccessories selling Fenty (, Jun. 2018) self-explanatory but “Plenipotentiary” intriguingly meaning she is fully authorized to represent the government. Some gripping diplomatic meetings to be had there then.

Her specific responsibility in this new post will be, “promoting education, tourism and investment for the island,” which she has already been doing on social media.

Making her a Barbadian Ambassador at-Large. Already appointed as one of Barbados’ cultural ambassadors in 2008 and taking to Twitter—fast becoming the authorised channel for diplomatic relations in the post-truth world despite US Congress having to tell hipster bearded, Bitcoin supportive CEO Jack Dorsey that his Wild West Bonanza is coming to an end (Latest Picks 6th Sept. 2018)—to reach out to world leaders asking them to pledge funds for the Global Partnership for Education.

Rihanna: “Hellooo @BMZ_Bund Minister Müller @RegSprecher Chancellor Merkel. I’m thrilled to see 🇩🇪 is prioritizing education. Will you increase your @GPforEducation pledge to 50M€ per year @GCMandela100? Please help us keep it up, danke! @claralionelfdn”

“Hellooo Chancellor Merkel”. I bet Mutti Merkal is gonna ask for an autograph… and perhaps a pledge involving some of those Savage X panties.

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