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2nd June 2020

George Floyd death: TV, radio and music industries mark ‘Blackout Tuesday’ (

Radio stations and TV channels have changed their programmes to mark "Blackout Tuesday", reflecting on George Floyd's death in police custody.

Who’s death, let no one be in any doubt, has been found by an autopsy to have been murder (

Pink said ‘You are the epitome of white privilege’ as she responded to criticism over her Instagram post about Black Lives Matter (

"You are the epitome of white privilege and the saddest part is that you don't even hear yourself and probably never will."

Although some suggest much of the outcry on social media is exemplar of virtue signalling (Wikipedia):

#BlackOutTuesday brings music industry to a pause, but some artists warn against obscuring Black Lives Matter posts (

Singer Kehlani posted about the black tiles and the risk that they could drown out useful information. Others criticised participation in the initiative as performative and “virtue signalling.” Musician Bon Iver tweeted: “I love you all, but this music industry shutdown thing feels tone deaf to me,” before deleting the tweet.

Updated 2nd July 2020

While Twitter had decided to censor one of Orange Don’s more belligerent tweets, nawty Zuck at Fidiotbook was more cautious (, updated 1st Jun. 2020), but it seems a tipping point has been reached and action is demanded:

Facebook ad boycott: Why big brands ‘hit pause on hate’ (

On June 17, a group of civil rights organizations including the Anti-Defamation League, the NAACP and Color of Change called on businesses to "hit pause on hate" and not advertise on Facebook in July. The social network makes nearly all of its money from ads, raking in more than $70 billion in revenue last year.

With a variety of major brands hearing the clarion call, including Unilever, Verizon, Clorox, Adidas, Ford, Denny’s, Volkswagen and Microsoft opting trip the tone-deaf, all-connecting gangly networking giant:

"Let's send Facebook a powerful message: Your profits will never be worth promoting hate, bigotry, racism, anti-Semitism and violence," states the website for the Stop Hate for Profit campaign.