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9th June 2019
Naked Bike Ride 2019 in London, images via Daily Star article

It being time for the annual peddling-without-pants event, now in its 16th year:

Thousands strip off for naked bike ride across UK in cheeky protest (

Taking place yesterday in London, Cardiff, Manchester and Bristol, although likely no fit chap or chapess attempting to to show their bare arse bouncing on saddle in all, with seemingly attendance numbers growing from hundreds last year (Latest Picks 9th Jun. 2018) to thousands this year in tabloid headline at least, with, in London, cyclists starting at eight locations across the capital and congregated in the centre and with organisers as keen as ever to highlight that the event’s purpose is to rally against car culture rather than just being an sunny naturist or exhibitionist escapade.

The event’s organisers posted on their website: “Even when we are fully clothed we are naked to the danger of motorists on the road.

“We want to live in a world not blighted by traffic pollution where the car is seen as the go to form of transport.”

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