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15th December 2016

Unknown Leonardo da Vinci sketch valued at $15.8m (

Unknown Leonardo da Vinci sketch of Saint Sebastian tied to a tree
Image: Tajan
“ A previously unknown Leonardo da Vinci sketch has been valued at $15.8m (£12.4m) after being taken to a French auction house by a retired doctor. Auction house Tajan said the drawing, one of eight the Renaissance artist made of the martyred Saint Sebastian, was an ‘extraordinary discovery’. … According to the New York Times, the sketch came to light when 14 unframed drawings were brought in to Tajan to be valued by Thaddee Prate, its director of old master pictures.”

A nice find in a bundle of old drawings, for sure.

“The drawing shows Saint Sebastian tied to a tree, with notes and diagrams about light and shadow on the other side. According to Dr Bambach, the drawing was made between 1482 and 1485 when da Vinci was working in Milan.”

Generating bundles of often profitable, sometimes not Renaissance Man myths ever since.

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