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12th October 2018

What next for Maitland Ward’s OnlyFans sexual adventures?

Maitland Ward’s OnlyFans sexual adventures

Buxum daredevil redhead cosplay queen and former Rachel McGuire in Boy Meets World actress Maitland Ward Baxter, having reached a certain age where a new found hedonism is found in sexual appeal and appetite seems to have brokered her career now on cam porn with her OnlyFans sexual adventures with porn stars finding opportunity in her parts rather than dressing up as Wonder Woman or Batgirl to appeal to those horny geeks.

With her now moving on from girl on girl to boy girl with BJ and facial, what next considering the current proclivities of mainstream porn?

Having seen less than A list celebs negotiate onto the sex tape market with Vivid and progress onto to anal such as former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and anal and squirting with Tila “alt-Sieg Heil” Tequila to meet those saturated market proclivities, some may wonder what is only weeks away with Maitland.

Troubled Tom says “I’m betting rose butt.”

Certainly going a step beyond the bounds of former actress and former cosplay queen Bai Ling’s constant but ever welcome huge nipple slippin’ contrived clumsiness, but as with those others curiously the celebrity appeal seemingly diminishes beyond a certain amount of oops and “will she pose for Playboy?”

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