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28th June 2019

The Trump rule? World leaders that violate Twitter rules will get warning label (

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Amnesty International (
Angry all-caps
Donald Trump: “Often even I forget which alt-end I’m “speaking” out of.”

Indeed, rather than having account suspended leading to anxious online form appeal process as is the case for those of those less, as fecal bearded, Myanmar-retreating, recently Black Mirror parodied ( Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey termed “newsworthy” (Latest Picks 5th October 2017) when excusing Orange Don’s wall-building, Muslim-banning, ad hominem populist porkie pies making America great again using Twitter and angry ALL-CAPS as a po-mo red-cap wearing simulacrum of the American dream.

Twitter will attach a special label to tweets by major political figures if their content violates the site’s rules but the deleting of them is not in the public interest, the company said on Thursday.

With those public figure vitriolic tweets to remain on the site but not appearing in searches or being recommended to users who might attempt to follow that “public interest” down through Twitter’s algorithmic rabbit hole, presumably still leaving it to liquid-lunching journos to inform what those not in conspiracy dungarees following whichever Illuminati-rejected world leader in question had said.

Trump is not the only government official who could be affected by the new policy. Other political leaders have followed his lead in shifting their digital discourse toward the crude and obscene, including Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, who earlier this year tweeted a pornographic video in order to advance his homophobic agenda.

Updated 10th July 2019

And some rules as a public figure placed upon him will no doubt get someone called “LOSER” when tantrumic tweeting lying on cheeseburger crumbs in bed during that five hour “executive time” upon awaking (, Feb. 2019):

Donald Trump is not allowed to block followers on Twitter, court rules (

A court has now ruled that the President cannot silence people if they criticise or mock him.

As it was ruled back in May last year after a lawsuit on behalf of seven blocked users (, Aug. 2018), the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan saying the First Amendment forbids him from blocking access to his account, as he has often done, in his capacity as a public official.

Circuit Judge Barrington Parker said: “The First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise-open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees.”

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