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Vanessa Hudgens playing with her bushy pussy

Poll: Celeb Suggestions July 2021

With pornified picks of pop culture now on hiatus (Latest Picks 6th Sept. 2020) and thankfully time beginning to be available again to sketch, the absence of those Picks perhaps makes the subject of as good a poll as any.

So, listed below are names that have either been suggested or lend themself due to either topical story, under-representation, conspicuous absence or just present impulse or state of being a recurrent muse—who would be your pick?

Lilly Allen
Camila Cabello
Selena Gomez
Sammi Hanratty
Vanessa Hudgens
Sarah Hyland
Kendall Jenner
Victoria Justice
JoJo Levesque
Dua Lipa
Rita Ora
Bebe Rexha
Taylor Swift
Bella Thorne
Charli XCX

As always, apologies if your favourite is not on the list—if in touch, you could suggest for the next suggestions poll or perhaps even you may be so kind as to be a patron and commission (either for your own personal viewing only or with a watermark and a shoutout to a link you provide).

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