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Favourite body part

Poll: Favourite body part

It’s the age-old, idiomatic “ass or boobs” inquiry, blatantly guilty of objectification and reduction to body, yet one that still seemingly invites cultural study in the digital era (, Sept. 2014) with the extra padded female derrière popularised by the Kardashians seemingly encroaching on American obsession with supersized breasts (

So here, with Cosmo suggesting masculine equivalents (, Mar. 2014) and an eagerness to expand in the interests of inclusivity and possessive ambiguity lest we be Twatter cancelled and forced to stand somewhere on stage with Kanye West Ye (, Nov. 2021) or meet some Clive Barker-esque The Body Politic fate (GoogleTube), what is your favourite body part?

Ass (and genitalia) 39%
Boobs (or pecs, abs, shoulders and torso generally) 27%
Legs (or arms) 21%
Something more specific (neck, feet, hands, lips/tongue, armpits…) 13%

This poll has now been archived.

If not listed select the area nearest or equivalent or something more… as a catch all.

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