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Halloween Rihanna about to lick a serpentine phallus.

Poll: Halloween Pick 2021

Your pop cultural topical tableau pick for 2021. What would be your vote?

SelGo’s not-so-Holy-water leaked roadside pee cup (, Oct. 2021) 42%
Brit-Brit’s post-conservatorship (, Oct. 2021), pre-FreedBritney relapse (, Aug. 2021) Insta-shared birthday suit “costume” 22%
“Halloween Queen” Vanessa Hudgens and COVID lockdown “wifey” GG Magree anally conjoined on a monstrous animate double-headed dildo as Dantesque castigation for “it’s not a season” (GoogleTube, Aug. 2018) spooktacular overdo 11%
Billie Eilish’s bedevilled backlash boobs (, Sept. 2021) 9%
Chrissy “cancelled” Teigan’s withdrawn trollin’ cannibal cookware (, Jun. 2021) 8%
RiRi’s Savage XXX Medusa-esque culturally appropriated braids (, Sept. 2021) 8%

This poll has now been archived.

As always, picks made with tongue firmly in cheek, so please do not be offended if a favourite of yours is included.

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