Poll: If you were to go to an art museum or gallery nude what would be the appropriate movement or style?

Conceptualism, all Equivalent VIII pile of bricks and pickled shark 19%
Pop Art, with much in your face “Whamm!” sound effect text 19%
Impressionism, en plein air with much pure vibrant impasto colour manifesting the unimportance of unfortunate detail 19%
Expressionism, with much naked Munch-esque The Scream “O” face appraising other viewers as much as works 14%
Abstract Expressionism, all somewhat excited messy spillage 14%
Surrealism, with drooping boob or cock Persistence of Memory lamenting homage to Dali’s melting clocks 10%
Cubism, with much arse, elbow and multiple plains of face in illusion of three-dimensional space 5%

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