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An illustration of Elon Musk freeing Twitter bird logo from a cage.
image via Pixabay

Poll: Social Musk

After having floated to followers the idea of creating his own platform (, Mar. 2022) over his dissatisfaction with supposed clampdown on free speech, billionaire entrepreneur and business mogul Elon Musk has instead bought Twitter for forty-four billion dollars (

Seeking to reduce dependence on advertising, Musk’s suggestions of his “vision” to banks that helped fund his acquisition range from cutting salaries of board directors and job cuts, charging a fee for embedding tweets from verified accounts and option to promote dogecoin via payment for premium subscription (

Which do you feel may reward former CEO and fellow cyptocoin evangelist Jack “tone-deaf” Dorsey’s ear-whispering faith ( in making Twitter a public benefit yet profit-making enterprise?

Premium Social Musk subscriptions with VIP Purple tick and mushroom shaped speak-my-mind crown avatar, which, casting aside the supposed “people’s crypto” Dogecoin (, Oct. 2021), is purchasable in newer impulsive investor-beloved DodgyCoin, who’s success has so far been measured in how many times it has paid a virtual copyright-infringing chicken to cross an intellectual property road.
Commission on sale of more tweets as NFTs (, Apr. 2022) of those with Blue or Purple Social Musk ticks.
Sale of tie-in phallic Tweets-in-XSpace-themed rocket mascot merchandise with Amazon, “ties to China” warning Bezos-themed ( separated saucer ring in need of rescue.
Sale of non-virtual soapboxes of formally marginalised bigots, supremacists and conspiracy fruit ’n nuts his enthused promotion of “free” speech (, Apr. 2022) as de facto public town square entertainment will re-give oxygen to.

Updated 13th May 2022

Elon Musk puts Twitter deal on hold over fake account details (

He said he was waiting for information “supporting [the] calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users”.

The estimated figure Twitter announced in its first quarter 2022 results and with Luke Skywalker Mark Hamill noting the force no longer seemed to be with him after losing thousands of followers as Twitter tried to bury trolls and spam in anticipation of the buyout (, Apr. 2022) perhaps giving the mercurial entrepreneur an expensive moment of clarity regards whether either there are any real real non-celebrity users that are not logging on behind 7 proxies ( in a St. Petersburg troll factory or whether it is not spam bots but indeed just virtual ordinary Jane/Joe issuing free speech out of the wrong hole making that Social Musk reminiscent of the blocked sewer beneath the de facto public town square and giving us the social media we deserve.

Under the terms of the deal, if either Twitter or Mr Musk walk away they must pay the other side a termination fee of $1bn.

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