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Armchair Warrior (ft. Vanessa Hudgens)

'Armchair Warrior (ft. Vanessa Hudgens)'

A sketch of Vanessa Hudgens—who seemingly gets caught out every time nude pictures leak—opening fire with her pussy at the armchair shamers.

The internet—and social media in particular—has perhaps made us all “armchair warriors”, if TV hadn’t already. Be it trolling brinkmanship with regards fame and success or the seething anti-porn rhetoric of the “social justice warrior” seemingly oblivious that their defence often stigmatises all the more those they avow to protect, a cause adopted—be it the abolishment of slim body type favouritism or the anti-Americaness of licking an obesity inflicting doughnut (Latest Picks 9th Jul. 2015)—that is often virtue signalling akin to a status message deployed to promote oneself.

From Blog Pick of the Month, 31st July 2015.

Tags: art, boobs, breasts, cartoon, cartoon porn, celebrity, drawing, celebrity hentai, celebrity parody, celebrity sex cartoons, gun girl, parodies, pussy, sexy, tits, toy, Vanessa Hudgens.

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