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More Halloween costumes to pique and provoke, but watch out for the head lice

12th October 2017

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Note: This post has been moved from Latest Picks.

It should really be no surprise that distinction for Halloween is placed on the costume, but the alt-costume emphasis in the over-saturated Insta-era is to provoke:

Upside Down Honey costume, ©

Is this the most inappropriate Halloween costume ever? Retailers provoke outrage with “sexy” outfit based on a 12-year-old character from Stranger Things (

“In recent years a trend has emerged for dressing up as sexy versions of figures from popular culture rather than ghosts, witches and vampires at Halloween. However, the latest offering of this kind has provoked outrage among shoppers for appearing to sexualise a 12-year-old character from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things ( Eagle-eyed fans of the show spotted that the Upside Down Honey costume, available from various websites, is based on the character Eleven played by 13-year-old Millie Bobby Brown. Eleven’s signature pink dress has been given a lower neckline and shorter hemline at the front, teamed with over the knee socks and towering platform heels. And shoppers have taken to Twitter to voice their disgust over the £42.99 costume, with one describing it as ‘too wrong’.”

“Too wrong” but giving much mobile social media bonding in self-righteous indignation from on the porcelain throne.

Upside Down Honey, so wrong
Pickle Apron Guy

Yandy Dancing Sewer Clown

And with it being available from other supplier stateside with equal opprobrium too, along with:

These tasteless Halloween costumes will scare up (the wrong kind of) attention (

“We’ve found 25 costumes with varying degrees of weird, wacky, tasteless and tacky. Amazingly, dressing up as a heaping pile of dung is relatively restrained compared to some of these (we’re talking to you, Pickle Apron Guy).”

Indeed, for the chaps not quite sure what cheeky guise to adopt that is pre-loaded with vegetable puns and opportunity to entice the Bride of Frankenstein to give it a tug.

With Pennywise the Dancing Clown an obvious trending costume choice with his toothy “It” smile on cinema screens (Latest Picks 8th Sept. 2017) it may be wondered which complimentary costumes could put an extra spring in the wearers step:

You can now buy a sexy Pennywise costume—but you won’t want to wear it down any sewers (

“Yandy, a US clothing company that specialises in everything from lingerie to dance gear—as well as sexy halloween costumes—has launched its very own ‘Dancing Sewer Clown’ costume that features everything from Pennywise’s buttons to his ruffles. Ditching the traditional clown pantsuit, Yandy’s version features a short, white gauzy dress with a square neckline, some puffed sleeves with flared cuffs, black pompom embellishments, a bubble skirt, a ruffled neck piece with a hook back closure and a matching wide belt.”

But a sexy Dancing Sewer Clown will still be hard pressed to best a popular costume from last year, the iconic Harley Quinn look from the movie Suicide Squad which is seemingly being targeted as a somewhat budget choice for this year:

How to make a Harley Quinn costume or where to buy one if you can’t be bothered (

Harley Quinn makeup
“What looks like a transformative look is actually quite easy to pull off, a few keys items of clothing, accessories and some haphazard makeup and look at you, you’re a cute devil. You can buy a full Harley Quinn costume in almost every corner of the internet for around £40, but if you’re not fond of forking for a Halloween costume there are things you can do. The makeup for this look is key and after that, some skimpy red and blue clothes should suffice.”

And, wollah, you’re done, and can get back to the cheap vino your alt-porn (Wikipedia) forum obsessed mate who just did your face painting has also brought.

Head lice, © UIG via Getty Images
© UIG via Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens—Pumpkin Pleaser

But, like with other thing not just limited to needles and condoms, it maybe wise not to share, or try before you buy:

Searching for Halloween costumes could give you HEAD LICE from the wigs and masks at the store (

“People can get a different type of scare when shopping for Halloween costumes because the wigs and the masks worn by other shoppers could be infested. Experts recommend for people to wear caps when trying on costumes and to seal items for 48 hours in order to kill any bugs. Doctors see a jump in head lice infestations around the Halloween season and can be attributed to costume shopping, according to WTOL-TV. ‘We have a lot of people going into stores right now, trying on masks, trying on costumes and trying on wigs,’ said Cherie Sexton, a pediatric nurse practitioner in Ohio. ‘And a lot of people don’t give much thought into the fact that several people could’ve tried it on before them.’”

For sure, that got you scratching now too?

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