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American Princess, Mom of the Year College Scandal, Vegan Burger and sexy Toy Story: 2019 Halloween costumes round-up

29th October 2019

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With Halloween just days away it’s time for a look at the costumes that have been picked up as source of virtual tabloid indignation copy this year.

American Princess Costume

Yandy American Princess Costume
Yandy American Princess Costume, image: Yandy

First up and aimed at an American market cock-a-hoop now to have one of their own in the tabloid conspiracy-foamed royal soap opera with a description reading: “You’re living an actual fairy tale!”:

Meghan Markle Halloween costume goes on sale—but Queen probably won’t approve (, Sept. 2019).

Royalists can look like Meghan Markle this Halloween with a costume consisting of a tight bridal dress and a Deal Or No Deal suitcase.

Yandy, which flogs ‘hottest sexy lingerie’, ‘sexy clothes’ and ‘lingerie costumes’, is selling the American Princess outfit for just £20.

With the “American princess” having a Deal or No Deal suitcase as the American version of the game show had Meghan acting as a briefcase model during its second season (, Aug. 2018) over a decade ago to jumpstart her acting career and the jacket over her shoulder a nod to the American drama that made her name, and with the Mirror “not sure her Majesty would approve of this ensemble”, although Brenda (Wikipedia) perhaps more focused on ensuring her somewhat problematic favourite son Andrew (11th Aug. 2019) is not snapped attending any spooky party nights with anyone in a St. Trinian’s costume.

College Scandal Costume

And the lingerie and costume maker seeing further opportunity to match its controversial Hand maid’s Tale costume they were forced to pull last year (Latest Picks 24th Sept. 2018) with Lori Loughlin now facing additional charges that may see her getting a longer less than starring role in the Big Full House and not-so-Desperate Housewives Felicity Huffman getting out of pokey after serving only 11 of her 14 day sentence ( for involvement in the college entrance exam cheating scandal getting their daughters undergraduate admissions:

There’s now a sexy college admissions scandal Halloween costume, because of course there is (

Yandy College Scandal Costume, image: Yandy
Yandy College Scandal Costume, image: Yandy
The costume features a red-orange crop top with “Mom of the Year” printed across the front and crossed out, replaced with “INMATE.” It also comes with matching bottoms that feature a made-up inmate number.

And the costume description reading:

“Oops, you can’t always trust those motherly instincts. Turns out fame and intelligence don’t go hand in hand! Bribe your way to the admissions office and score the ultimate scholarly achievement (the best mom award!) in this exclusive College Scandal costume.”

Raising righteous social media scorn that they are profiting of the scandal, but Yandy defending it as pop culturally topical:

“Every year Yandy looks for opportunities to take inspiration from current trends and pop-culture events,” Alicia Thompson, director of brand marketing at Yandy, said. “College scandal is clearly on the minds of everyone right now and we felt it was the perfect opportunity to showcase a sexy two-piece body suit that pokes fun at this current national obsession. Of course at Yandy University we accept everyone.”

Beyond Burger Costume

Yandy Beyond Burger Costume, image: Yandy
Yandy Beyond Burger Costume, image: Yandy

And continuing with current trends and the embracing of the climate change revolution with it noted that cattle farting makes up about a quarter of methane emissions (, Nov. 2015) and that in response the meatless burger is becoming increasingly popular with, by some estimates 95% of people who order vegan burgers are not even even vegetarians (, Aug. 2019):

You can now get a ‘sexy’ vegan Beyond Burger costume for Halloween (

The Beyond Burger bodycon dress has ruffles to look like lettuce, speckles on the top to represent the bun and comes with a red ‘PLANT BASED’ label to make sure everyone knows your burger is meat-free.

Which may not sound that “sexy” and persuade a purchase, although the costume may be gifted by an amorous costume seeking other reading the reviews with some noting that the costume is pretty short:

Colette posted: ‘I ordered a size up out of fear it would be too small. It’s a shirt, not a dress! I am a very average height, and thin, and it is so small! My entire butt is out, it’s physically impossible to cover my butt and top at the same. It was so funny I sent a picture to all my friends.’

Toy Story Costumes

While fast fashion retailer Fashion Nova seemingly aimed to to attempt to cause as much costume fuss Stateside as their “sexy” geisha Halloween costume branded insensitive and culturally appropriative last year (Latest Picks 9th Oct. 2018) with “sexy” costumes based on a modern kids classic:

Fashion Nova Toy Story costumes, image: Fashion Nova
Fashion Nova Toy Story costumes, image: Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is selling sexy Toy Story costumes for Halloween and there goes your childhood (

The Infinite And Beyond Six-Piece Costume Set comes in different bits and bobs so you can dress as a raunchy Buzz.

If that doesn’t fit your fancy then there are two other options: New Sheriff in Town and Ooh The Claw.

Doubtless from other party-goers much “there’s a snake but not in my boot” and something other than gloved arm raising seeking to go “to infinity and beyond” expected.

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