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8th April 2012

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Late today because I'm lazy it's Easter Sunday. You've probably have had enough chocolate already, so here's another sweat-treat in the form of my pick of last weeks best stories and pictures.

Easter Holly has a bunny-nice pair!
Easter Holly: Holly Willoughby has a bunny-nice pair!

• Wonderbra names Holly Willoughby as 'Best Celebrity Cleavage' (

Do celebrities have to get naked to make it? ( And when they do, who makes the choice? "Crucially, they're not young poppets being manipulated by record company bosses; they're the ones pulling the strings."

• Damien Hirst's retrospective opened at the Tate Modern, Brian Dillon traces the artist's curious fascination with mortality ( But, to be sure, don't exit through the gift shop lest you test your pockets mortality!

Was Renaissance bad-boy Caravaggio killed by the Knights of Malta? (

• Now without an invite to parliamentary sex-parties, Italian actress & model Sara Tommasi flashes her body of work in public (

• *Drum-roll* Miley Cyrus finally gives some Lindsay-action with an upskirt peek at her lady-nest ( And here they are in HQ ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who's won a bet on that happening this year.

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Tags: Caravaggio, Damien Hirst, Holly Willoughby, Miley Cyrus upskirt, Sara Tommasi


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