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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

24th April 2013

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Here’s my pick of last weeks best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and want to ride this train!

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This weeks stories & pics

Selena Gomez, MTV Movie Awards

Selena Gomez performed at the MTV Movie Awards with Bollywood-inspired dance moves and costume (

Here’s Selena in Bollywood costume for Dancing with the Stars photoshoot ( and…

Selena Gomez, Stars Dance tongue

Giving star tongue! (

Updated 29th March 2014.
Image link changed.

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Selena Gomez got cheeky for music video (Pick of the Week, 13th March)
Alessandra Ambrosio at Coachella

Alessandra Ambrosio was at Coachella (

Recent/related stories:

Stars came out to Palm Springs for Coachella (Pick of the Week, 23rd April)
Lourdes Sanchez, Playboy Argentina

Dancer & actress Lourdes Sanchez se desnudó for April’s Playboy Argentina (

Naya Rivera naked for Allure

Glee’s Naya Rivera se desnuda for Allure (

"Naya is seen lounging by a pool with no bikini strings in sight."

Here’s the pic (

Info: Naya Rivera (
Updated 17th April 2014.
Picture link changed.
Alessandra Villegas hot at the beach

Telemundo’s A New Day presenter Alessandra Villegas caliente en la playa (

Shakira sued by ex for $100m

Shakira sued by ex for $100m (

"Shakira is being sued for 100 million dollars by her ex-boyfriend who claims he built the ‘Shakira brand’"

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Shakira brought out her new mom boobs to Barcelona (Latina Pick of the Week, 6th March)
Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret lingerie photoshoot

Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret lingerie photoshoot (

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Adriana Lima was a barely dressed lucky charm for Esquire UK (Latina Pick of the Week, 16th April)
Maripily in Miami

Puerto Rican model & fitness babe Maripily Rivera muy caliente in Miami (

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Maripily launched and modeled her swimwear line (Latina Pick of the Week, 9th April)
Maripily is back in Puerto Rico and wants to open a gym (Latina Pick of the Week, 13th February)
Christina Aguilera to do telenovela duet

Christina Aguilera & Alejandro Fernandez to do telenovela duet (

"Christina Aguilera and Alejandro Fernandez will be singing the theme song to the soon to be produced novela La Tempestad."

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Christina Aguilera splashed out on new home (Pick of the Week, 23rd April)

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