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Fappening 4.0 or 2.1? Miley Cyrus, Suki Waterhouse and more pictures leak (Page 1 of 4)

12th April 2017

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Alt-Fappening 2.0
Suki Waterhouse, Instagram
Suki Waterhouse, Instagram

Fappening 4.0 or 2.1?

Indeed, leaked pictures and videos from what are seemingly the first update patch for Fappening 2.0, seem to have arrived—although by subreddits and 4chan communities seem to suggest it’s actually Fappening 4.0 (, enumerating by an integer after each burst of leaks rather than the software versioning convention (Wikipedia) such as Web 2.0 which gives it its name which would suggest a major.minor incremental upgrade such as 2.1.

Thankfully, I an not alone in seeing this as a second Fappening; I mean no one wants to be on theire own here with the vitriol those on Reddit and 4chan fire at dissenters to their particular alt-fact (known to some as interpretations): Fappening 2.0 continues; Who is leaking the nude images of celebrities if iCloud hacker is in prison (, Mar. 2017).

So… “second Fappening” or Fappening 2.0 for me refers to that which happened a few weeks back, which despite already having being pinched as appellation before for whichever new burst of minor leaks you’d like to pick and pin it to for ad-revenue purposes, a naming convention which I’m going to stick to at least because else rather than OS or Windows 10 we really would be on versions nearing double that by now; indeed, take it or leave it and just refer to it or 4, 5, 6 or 7 as suits.

As with the initial release a few big names, some not quite so big, and lot more, shall we say if you are not a particular fan of requiring some Wiki look up as was the case with last month if you were not familiar with names and faces in theatrical WWE wrestling Diva dorm; seemingly a note will suggests names that may follow indicates some UK glamour models may follow, and, indeed, a UK weather girl!

The leaks so far are outtakes and privates of Miley Cyrus’ privates although nothing that has not been seen better in legitimately released shoot; British actress, model and accessories entrepreneur Suki Waterhouse, fully nude and displaying a gobsmackingly awesome sized clitoris; American film and television actresses Rosario Dawson, Kate Hudson, AJ Michalka, Laura Ramsey, Deborah Ann Woll, Lily Rabe, actress and TV personality Audrina Patridge and television personality, fashion designer, and author Whitney Port; American singer Dianna Agron; retired UFC mixed martial artist Miesha Tate; and model and Miss Teenage Canada 2014 Francesca McFadden.

Sorry, no leaked piccies here

As with the first, again you will require to be taking The Road to with Bing, furtive Googling or whispered quack to make DuckDuckGo yourself with regards the sea-change in reception to leaked—and indeed stolen pictures—and inevitable lawyer involvement, but no doubt it will take mere minutes to find a site or forum risking for the chance of ad revenue short turn bucks—seemingly the real profiteers out of this with it doubtless being no surprise no (Bit)coin is being made by the hackers as was indicated case back in the original Fappening in 2014.


Model Daniela Lazar with cumshot facial; American stage, film and television actress Marin Ireland topless, nude and pussy playin’; Enchanted and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button actress Angelina McCoy nudes.

Updated 13th April 2017

Out today are leaked outtakes from PETA Photoshoot of English singer Joss Stone; nudes of English Reality TV star and presenter Stacey Solomon, British glamour model Lucy Collet, American actress Nicolle Radzivil, fitness model Whitney Johns, Australian actressess Yvonne Strahovski and Samara Weaving and English actress Jennifer Metcalfe, model Holly Owens; and bj giving English singer and X Factor 2015 winner Louisa Johnson.

Seriously, a seemingly random grab bag of famous all “spear-phished” with fake “please give your account details” email scams the rest of us young and old are warned daily about on just about all media rather than picked out of a larger net because they are randomly famous?

And, in the afternoon here, more megapost of fitness model Whitney Johns, Melissa Clarke, an assortment of other UK glamour models and a 900+ image and bj vids megapost of English glamour model Lacey Banghard to go with with first in last months; Chillerama actress Alice Haig; pro. softball player Morgan Zerkle. Along with a flourishing of extra ad adding by sites hosting of course.

Anyone else chancing putting anything on the Apple Cloud today?

Updated 1st May 2017

Watch out for this new malware scam targeting Mac users (

“The trojan has been dubbed Dok by Check Point Technologies, and can currently evade both the virus direction built into Macs and third-party antivirus tools. Once it’s taken root, it’s able to spy on all the online digital communications happening inside your browser, including those over HTTPS. It arrives via the old phishing email method as a zipped attachment - users have to download and attempt to open the attachment, then accept a (fake) OS software update to get Dok on their system, at which point it operates invisibly … Dok isn’t the first piece of malware we’ve seen targeting Mac users this year: back in February Russian hackers adapted their Xagent backdoor to work on Apple hardware as well as computers running Windows and Linux. Once in, it can spy on iPhone backups and online activity.”

And as several of these leaks not specifically given a Fappening integer or fraction increase such as Lena Meyer-Landrut (Latest Picks 20th Feb. 2017) and Russian football WAG Alana Mamaeva had Europeans and blackmail involved it would, if for simplicity’s sake alone without need to dress in conspiracy dungarees for some to perhaps suggest more dragnet with something similar is involved in collecting so many logins aside from sending phishing emails to the famous—but often not so—and their boyfriends, assistants, butlers, food tasters who I seriously doubt on their F’book or Instagram say “I dress Emma Watson, don’t you know.”.

Cyber attacks, the Internet Of Things and the tentacle trope and Linux security (Latest Picks 3rd December 2016).

Updated 14th April 2017

Kaspersky Total Security: Access Denied

And today we have UK glamour model Rosie Jones topless with friend and a repeat of American Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist—now in colour. Along with on the celeb picture sites increasing their ad yield accordingly a dozen unasked for inviting pop up ad windows for everything from gambling, dubious breaking—I hear it’s called “fake” news, to hair and skin care products, an important “update” for my Adobe Flash from anywhere other than Adobe, a report that my system had been compromised via Malware with a telephone number to call for “assistance” several of which my anti-virus software just point blank refused to access.

Indeed, how do peoples devices get hacked?

And later were leaked photoshoot outtakes of American actress, Miss USA and Miss Earth beauty queen Amanda Kimmel; “new haircut” pussy playing selfies of American professional surfer and model Anastasia Ashley; topless selfies of English Dancing with the Stars dancer/choreographer Emma Slater.

Updated 15th April 2017

And today Celtic soccer star Anthony Stokes’ affair girlfriend Eilidh Scott. Goal!


Next page: Up and often out on the next page for Alison Brie, Demi Lovato, Victoria Justice’s sister Maidison Reed—as well as a Russian football WAG and that Brit weather girl mentioned; and the poll regarding whether the whole Fappening thing is more wide cast net than targeted celebrity phishing spear.

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