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18th June 2019

Cardi B twerks so hard she splits open bodysuit on stage—revealing bare booty to fans (

Cardi B, Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival oops, images via Daily Star article
Images via Daily Star article

At Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival on Sunday, with the red-top tabloid giving truistic reminder that, just like her big-booty-famed rival, Nicki Minaj, the “chart-topping rapper is no stranger to showing off her epic twerk moves”, with inevitable consequences:

Cardi was her typically vivacious self as she gyrated in front of fans in a skintight multicoloured sequinned Dior bodysuit.

However, she left rather red-faced after twerking so hard that her outfit ripped open at the backside, revealing her bootylicious behind to onlookers.

But, “ever the professional” she “disappeared from the stage” for a few minutes, triumphantly reappearing in a “skimpy white bathrobe”:

As hilarious as ever, she told fans: “We’re gonna keep it moving, baby. [sic]

“We’re gonna [sic] keep it sexy. I don’t know how in this f*****g robe, but we’re gonna sic] do it! [sic]’ [one at the end of the line is fine]

With indeed mystery mixed with hilarity, with what exactly was “one at the end of the line is fine” not elaborated on in the article if not unremoved editorial articulations regarding the number of sic erat scriptum, but soon wrapped the top of the robe about her waist to continue to perform in her bra.

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