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Harvey Weinstein scandal: Amazon Studios chief Roy Price suspended amid Harvey Weinstein allegations (Page 10 of 12)

13th October 2017

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Updated 19th December 2017

Back to Weinstein, and with some sense of actual justice still sadly lacking:

Jason Priestley says he punched Harvey Weinstein in the Face in 1995 (

Jason Preistley, image: Amanda Edwards/WireImage
Jason Preistley, image: Amanda Edwards/WireImag
“Jason Priestley, who played Shannon Doherty’s good guy twin brother on the ’90s series Beverly Hills, 90210, claims that he once punched Harvey Weinstein during a confrontation at a 1995 Golden Globes party hosted by Miramax, a company the producer had co-founded and co-managed at the time.”

The punching comeuppance at the ’95 Golden Globes Miramax Party made after “fellow Canadian star Tara Strong referenced the alleged incident while tweeting a message of sympathy towards Mira Sorvino after she responded to a report that quoted Peter Jackson as saying Weinstein’s company had blacklisted her and Ashley Judd from working on Lord of the Rings.”

But for less retcon comeuppance:

Harvey Weinstein: D.A. probing payments to alleged victims (

“Law enforcement sources confirm the Manhattan D.A. is actively probing dozens of payments Weinstein has made to settle sexual misconduct cases out of court. We’re told the D.A.’s Office is looking into the source of that settlement dough.”

The pretense being that it was “misappropriated from The Weinstein Company” and that “Harvey could potentially be charged with embezzlement” and reached for reference to Al Capone getting taken down for tax evasion.

Updated 20th December 2017

Meanwhile, Rose McGowan is still looking to out more monster—or those that were to her mind covering for at worst, or feigning ignorance or solidarity at best:

Meryl Streep responds to Rose McGowan: “Harvey Weinstein made sure I didn’t know” (

Meryl Streep, image: INVISION
Meryl Streep, image: INVISION
“Over the weekend McGowan, who claims she was raped by Weinstein during the beginning of her career in the Nineties, lambasted Streep and other women who have reportedly planned to wear black to the Golden Globes ceremony and other awards shows as a sign of protest against sexual assault in Hollywood.”

McGowan accused these “other women” of “happily working” for Weinstein, saying “YOUR SILENCE is THE problem. You’ll accept a fake award breathlessly & affect no real chance [sic]. I despise your hypocrisy.”

Which Streep denies in a “legthy statement” given to The Huffington Post:

“I wasn’t deliberately silent. I didn’t know. I don’t tacitly approve of rape. I didn’t know. I don’t like young women being assaulted. I didn’t know this was happening.”

And suggesting that “HW needed us not to know this, because our association with him bought him credibility, an ability to lure young, aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt.”

Which may remind some of a certain degree of suspicion of those pillars of social respectability and morality who seemingly can’t see real world arse from elbow, or rather those keen to associate with.

Leading to some Pasadena guerrilla flyposting:

Meryl Streep targeted by street artists with “She knew” posters (

“She knew” poster in Los Angeles
“Posters hung early in the morning, before the sun came up, feature an image of Streep next to Weinstein with a red strip across her face with the text ‘She knew,’ an apparent reference to Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of women over the course of decades. The posters are a riff on the work of artist Barbara Kruger, whose signature text in red banners has been adapted and copied for decades. ”

Indeed, but curious some may be as to where that QR code leads (Wikipedia), but seemingly not The Hollywood Reporter; I would not be surprised if there was an ad or two upon though.

“She knew” poster QR code

Updated 23rd December 2017

But, McGowan accusing actresses like Meryl Streep for having “happily worked for The Pig Monster” and suggesting they should “all wear Marchesa” (Weinstein’s wife Georgina Chapman’s brand, see below) perhaps reminds again of how, as USA Today expressed, “doubt that the trend of public opinion would hold” could indeed still promp a “witch hunt” backlash (page 7).

The #MeToo movement targets Meryl Streep and shoots itself in the foot (

“Streep’s comments ring true when she also insists that Weinstein ‘needed me much more than I needed him and he made sure I didn’t know.’ Surely, with Streep already a Hollywood institution by the days of Miramax and The Weinstein Company, she wouldn’t be the kind of actress Weinstein could easily prey on.”

And, seemingly predicting a close for the co-founder of the fashion label Marchesa to what was reported to be a “sexless business arrangement” ( despite it seemingly producing two children:

Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman Happy 10th anniv … she gets $12 mil if she leaves now (

Harvey & Georgina

Indeed, TMZ headline toned down from the original that said in not-so-angry ALL-CAPS “GEORGINA CHAPMAN: HAPPY DAYS!”

”Georgina Chapman stands to get 8 figures if she divorces Harvey Weinstein today, but their prenup says he could fork out much more … now that they’ve crossed the 10-year mark.”


“This all assumes Georgina files for divorce sometime soon. We know she’s hired a high-powered NY divorce attorney, but, so far, no docs have been filed.”

Which the more cynical might suspect is related to:

“One last thing. If, by some miracle, the Weinsteins are still together a year from now … Georgina’s annual split of their assets goes from $700k up to a cool $1 mil per year.”

Updated 23rd December 2017

And to give alt-chappies more alt-fact leverage to suggest it’s not only fearmongering but a damn active part of the “feminist agenda” that is trying to take away their societal position and shriveling, under threat alt-Johnson:

Harvey Weinstein’s ex wants remaining $5 million

Harvey Weinstein’s ex wants remaining $5 million in child support in case he goes broke (

“Harvey Weinstein allegedly owes his ex-wife Eve Chilton $5 million in child support, and she’s asking that he pay remaining sum now in case his current legal troubles leave him financially insolvent.”

Well, she did likely divorce him for a good reason and her logic and rationale are likely sound enough to all except alt-chappies butting in screaming in All-CAPS “CHILD??? IT’S ALL FOR HER TO BUY PERFUME AND WIMMIN’S THINGS”

“‘He’s pre-paying many, many lawyers many, many millions of dollars to defend himself against these lawsuits all over the world,’ Chilton’s lawyer, Bonnie Rabin, said in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday”

To which Harvey’s lawyer’s riposte was:

“He’s never not made a payment. He has made every single payment for nearly 14 years.”

Indeed, but like Bertrand Russell’s chicken used to rising each day expecting to be fed who rises one day to have it’s neck wrung instead (, “He’s never not made a payment”… yet.

Meanwhile, still seemingly confused that Weinstein could do all that when he was so nice to him and George Clooney over dinner:

Matt Damon says “one thing” not being talked about is men who aren’t sexual predators (

Minnie Driver, image: SIPA USA/PA Images
Minnie Driver, image: SIPA USA/PA Images
“Last week, in an interview with ABC News, Damon said there was: A difference between patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviours need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated.”

Which then caused actress Minnie Driver to exasperatingly suggest that men “simply cannot understand what abuse is like on a daily level” to which “there was widespread support for Driver’s stance—and a condemnation of Damon explaining to women what the spectrum of sexual violence looks like from his position.”.

Which, I fear may remind more disgruntled alt-chaps that the gender flip of Freudian penis-envy is castration anxiety as they sign up to be MRA’s (“Mens Rights Activists”, or MGTOW’s (“Men Going Their Own Way”) not yet arrived at the YMCA.

Needless to say, vox pop alt-chappie blaming “me” for the all the “fearmongering” was too busy with his alt-navel to respond to Driver, not having enough sock puppets commenting on his blog to counter the “widespread support for her stance” and more red than pink socialist SJW backing bear dancer Belgian Maurice gave all shivers in his by recounting his media servitude when Miley Cyrus slapped his butt at the VMA’s when Robin had his Thicke against hers.

Updated 23rd December 2017

There’s a petition to cut Matt Damon’s cameo from “Ocean’s 8,” and it just reached its goal (

Ocean’s 8 being the to be released next year “all-female soft reboot, of the 2000’s Ocean’s Trilogy” (Wikipedia) of which Damon was a principle member.

“A petition to drop the actor’s cameo from the upcoming Ocean’s 8 just surpassed its original goal — and now has more than 20,000 signatures. With a dream-team cast of stellar women including Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, and Anne Hathaway, Ocean’s 8 looks like it could be the next fierce female sequel the world needs. So, the fact that Damon would reportedly make a cameo in the movie didn’t sit well with many, who say his record shows he’s hardly an advocate for female empowerment.&”

But surely it will inevitable require some cameo on the part of original cast other than one of the extra’s in the casino and some might imagine that’s handing that to be hijacked by the alt-right’s doodahs à la the 2016’s all-female cast Ghostbusters (Latest Picks 19th Jul. 2016).

TJ Miller, image: FilmMagic/Getty
TJ Miller, image: FilmMagic/Getty

And, moving the timeline on to albeit serious choking “kink” misdeeds allegedly done before career, and at school:

“Silicon Valley” star TJ Miller accused of sexually assaulting and punching woman (

“The accusations relate to two separate incidents alleged to have taken place while Miller attended George Washington University in Washington DC during the early 2000s. Miller’s Comedy Central series The Gorburger Show has since been cancelled by the network. Despite the announcement only being made following the misconduct allegations, Comedy Central told Entertainment Weekly that the decision was made earlier this year.”
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Next page: A fifth woman accuses former That 70s Show star Danny Masterson of sexual assault; the Golden Globes Awards arrives, but was the wearing black solidarity and inspiring Oprah Windfrey #TimesUp “became the story” speeches anything more than a group hug all inevitably feel a social need to engage in?

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