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4th April 2016

Man builds “Scarlett Johansson” robot from scratch to “fulfil childhood dream”—and it's scarily lifelike (

Mark 1
Mark 1
“A humanoid obsessive has built an incredibly realistic female robot from scratch—and it’s got more than a passing resemblance to Avengers star Scarlett Johansson.”

42-year-old product and graphic designer—and modern day Pygmalion—Mr Ma dreamed of designing a humanoid since he was little after becoming obsessed with robots and animation—and presumably Scarlett Johansson at some point—and has spent more than $50,000 (£34,000) and a year and a half creating the female robot prototype, Mark 1, and with noble social intentions, according to Mark 1:

“I think robotics is a new manufacturing and it can help people to do some high risk work and go to high mountain and deep ocean to realise our world adventure.”

Indeed, and you can hump “her” too, robotically or otherwise. But such is the Westworld way of coming things, as The Mirror’s “Romance and robots” related stories in the article suggest.

Romance and robots

Indeed, we’ve covered the implications of for work, society and sex before (see related stories below) and if RealDoll are only an AI—or at least a motor—skip and jump from, when they do, doubtless their’s will come with some novel customisation options.

Scarlett Johansson—Little winter soldier warmer
Scarlett Johansson—Little winter soldier warmer

Would you, and if so who would your’s be based on?

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