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2nd August 2018

Apple becomes the world’s first trillion dollar US company (

Cash Apple
Apple has become the first trillion dollar company today after its stock price soared on the back of excellent financial results.

A milestone with it being the first publicly listed US company to be valued at a trillion dollars, due to better than expected quarterly results driven by sales of the respectable gaming desktop priced $999 iPhone X and suggesting that that the brand was not unduly affected by the battery saving deliberate slowdown scandal (Latest Picks 29th Dec. 2017) or that the slowing down convinced enough that they did desperately need the new model to check their Facebook feed and fawn over cult-of-reality-TV GoogleTube creator or virtual playground influencer of choice in the post-PC Insta-era.

Updated 3rd August 2018

And that headline given a satirical take:

Apple becomes first American company that should have paid trillion dollars in taxes (

And with Amazon set to reach that milestone itself soon too….

Amazon tax bill falls despite profits leap (

An Amazon UK Services spokesman said it paid all the tax it was required to “in the UK and every country where we operate”.

With Corporation tax based on profits, not revenues, the company able to reduce its tax liability by deducting part of the payments made to staff as company shares and leaving the long-talked by Blighty’s Treasury and HMRC shift away from corporation tax to an activity tax indefinitely in the procrastination wishlist.

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