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7th July 2017

Furious Salvation Army raises alarm over “sexbots” amid fears technology could lead to sex slavery (

Real Dolls, Image: Instagram/abyssrealdoll

No, not because they are really shop-window mannequin turned sexbot auton fragments of the Nestene Consciousness ( with a mechanical vagina dentata (Wikipedia) just waiting for command to “bite” it off:

“The Salvation Army has warned sex robots could fuel an increased demand for people trafficking in Britain. The Christian church and charity said the so-called ‘sexbots’ would ‘have a detrimental effect on both existing and potential victims of modern slavery’. It believes the technology could result in more people brought into the UK illegally for sexual exploitation instead of lessening demand for sex workers…”

Real people trafficked rather than trafficked “sexbots” or, indeed, purchased online with no longer need for a dirty mac to go into store with “Sex Shop” wrote on otherwise blacked out windows to procure a more budget inflatable doll.

“The intervention came after a report on the burgeoning technology gave warnings about the ‘dark side’ of the rapidly advancing technology that could involve issues of rape and paedophilia.”

Note: This post has been moved to Blog due to length of extended updates.

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