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11th November 2018

With World Naked Bike Ride now in its 15th year (Latest Picks 9th Jun. 2018) some may wonder what else can be experienced publicly in the buff:

ANDY PHWOAR-HOL This museum lets you walk around exhibition NAKED—so would you do it? (

Naked viewers examining works at el desnudo, manifiesto y libertad exhibition, image: Central European News
Image: Central European News
ART buffs put on a cheeky show of their own after being invited to attend a gallery exhibition stark NAKED.

With art lovers strolling starkers around the Pedro Nel Gómez museum in Medellin, Colombia attending the el desnudo, manifiesto y libertad (the nude, manifestation and freedom) exhibition of the nude works of the painter and muralist, one of Colombia’s most prolific and prominent artists of his time and co-founder of the Colombian Muralist Movement (Wikipedia), through different periods in his life.

It should perhaps be said though that the event was organised by the Otro Cuento nudist community and so presumably the 50 or so nude viewers present were members and therefore quite used to be letting it all hang out whether it be perusing an artists brush strokes or cooking chorizos (sausages) at the barbeque.

The idea behind the nudists attending the exhibition was to reclaim nature and humans’ relation with nudity, themes seen throughout Gomez’s work.

With the idea arising from some museums taking down classic pieces which featured nudity, politically correct censorship that has raised headlines in Blighty too with Manchester Art Gallery’s #MeToo-inspired removal of John William Waterhouse’s nude nymphs luring poor Hylas to his watery demise causing much pathetic stunt “to prompt conversations about how we display and interpret artworks” comment at the start of the year (Latest Picks 3rd Feb. 2018).

Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum Paris Naturists Association exhibition, image: Getty via The Sun article
Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum Paris Naturists Association exhibition, image: Getty via The Sun article

But not the first to have naturists ponder the what is art aesthetic question while “pushing past barriers, taboos or mentalities” with The Current Bun telling with equal “phwoar”and bare boob and bum presentation of requirement to strip off to admire masterpieces in May at the the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum in Paris:

The bizarre requirement was made at a Paris gallery and those attending had no choice but to leave their clothes in the cloak room.

In the name of art course: NAKED AMBITION Paris museum Palais de Tokyo now allows you walk around the gallery NAKED… but why? (, May 2018).

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