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Latina pick of the week

Latina Pick of the Week

3rd August 2014

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Here’s my pick of the best sexy latina entertainment stories and pictures from the last seven days or so. So if you are a fan of Brazilian booty, Mexican tetas, Chicano chocha & everything else that is latina lovely, dip in!

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and wonders if the owner who did not know who had brought a tiger into his house has found his chihuahua yet (

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Christina Aguilera, V magazine August issue

Christina Aguilera posed pregnant, see-thru and nude and for V (

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Selena Gomez, Los Angeles

Selena Gomez gave much cheek in a pair of shredded denim shorts (

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Bruna Marquezine, Ibiza

Young Brazilian telenovela actress Bruna Marquezine shared her nalgas in Ibiza (

Gisella Britos, Playboy Mexico

Paraguayan model Gisella “Gi” Britos se desnudara for August‘s Playboy (…

Patricia Jordane, Playboy Mexico

And Brazilian model Patricia Jordane made the cover, but her bunda bonita is back(side) of the net!

It seems o garota has angered FC Barcelona star Neymar seeking to use their past relationship to build a name for herself. And he thought she just interested in his ball skills.


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Belinda, Instagram

Belinda Instagramed señales (…

Belinda, Instagram

And praised love and life’s beauty in an exquisito strapped black trikini!


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Júlia Pereira, Miami

Rising Brazilian model Júlia Pereira was a summer weekend bikini treat in Miami (


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Mariana Braga, photoshoot by Alessandro Casagrande

Brazilian model Mariana Braga was a super slender topless suprise (

Eiza González, Instagram

Eiza González leveled up at San Diego Comic Con to a piernuda Pikachu (


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Ismael Zambada, aka “El Mayo”

“El Mayo” rises to lead a Sinaloa Cartel whose future is uncertain (

“Developments over the past year appear to have lifted Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada, the lone remaining Sinaloa capo, into a position of unparalleled power within the cartel, but it’s not clear how much the organization that he controls resembles the one that has dominated the nation’s criminal landscape for the past decade.”

El Mayo (“the May”), was the captured Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán’s number two in the feared Cartel de Sinoloa. Opting for a lower profile than the flamboyant legend that embraced Guzmán, with internal feuds running rife it was suspected that Guzmán may have made a move against his Sinaloa Cartel partner which may have led to his eventual arrest (Pick of the Week, 26th Feb.).

Sinaloa Cartel (

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