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8th April 2015

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and indeed, did he paint her brown eye blue?

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Updated 10th April 2015.

Story added: Kendall Jenner gave bunny bare bum “Hoppy” Easterage.

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Adrianne Curry served up bare butt on Instagram (celebrityoopsdigest

Adrianne Curry, Instagram

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Demi Lovato posted pooch portage bikini bottom (celebexposuredigest

Demi Lovato, Instagram

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Khloé Kardashian gave big bedunk in tight leggings (celebexposuredigest

Khloe Kardashian, tight leggings at cosmetic dermatology clinic

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Ashley Roberts was toasting her baps in Ibiza (Pick of the Week 16th July 2014)

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With Rita giving candid see-thru nippleage leaving (celebrityoopsdigest

Rita Ora leaving Shepherd’s Bush Empire

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And, continuing her trend, deleted another Photoshopped pic after huge backlash (

Lindsay Lohan, Instagram
“Lindsay Lohan is hopping on the waist training bandwagon, but she’s kinda cheating, as anyone with two eyes can tell from this incredibly bad Photoshop job. … Twitter users quickly called her out on the deception—and on her painful-looking cameltoe.”

Not even the mighty camel toe could stop eyes focusing on that spacetime shortcut worm hole forming on the stairs behind her through which 20 Jem’Hadar warriors from the Gamma Quadrant jumped through to form a hatchery in it.

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Tongue teasers

Miley Cyrus hiked perfunctory pokeage (celebritytonguedigest

Miley Cyrus, hiking in Los Angeles

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
XXXtina Easter
XXXtina Easter

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

“The hashtag went viral this week after Adda Þóreyjardóttir Smáradóttir, a 17-year-old student and chair of the Feminist society at The Commerical College of Iceland, announced an upcoming ‘Free the Nipple’ day at her school for 26 March.

“After a male friend who disagreed posted a photo of himself bare chested and said he would receive a negative reaction if he was topless at school, she posted an image of her nipples.

“Arguably proving Adda’s point, a Twitter troll soon tried to body-shame her for posting the image.”

Assuming said Twitter troll wasn’t purely a sockpuppet (Wikipedia), he/she likely just backing up his “friends” point, whatever it was. But then again, if if anything posted is popular—as female as opposed to male nipples invariably are—that’s usually more than enough incentive for a troll struggling for some attention of his or her own; for sure, it seems almost the default way of interaction on most social media.

What I do know is though that I certainly won’t be going looking for 17-year-old student nipple, legal to post or not in Iceland. I wonder if next is the fallout over those caught with said image on their device.

“‘It was difficult and I had to delete the picture for a few minutes, but it was enough to start a revolution,’ she wrote in a Facebook post written in Icelandic. Soon, hoards of women rallied to support Adda, and posted their own nipple photos accompanied by #FreeTheNipple, with men also supporting their cause.”

Indeed, making me wonder if the trolling is not some scheme to enrage women to post their nipples too in solidarity, an admittedly cack-handed attempt being made by 4chan pranksters at the begining of The Fappening back in September last year ( I recall.

To further confuse things, solidarity supporting Lára Portal’s tweet could be thought somewhat ambiguous:

“For ignorant people who define breasts as sexual ‘object’ on women, get educated and enjoy the picture I’m about to post #FREETHENIPPLE”—Lára Portal (@lara_portal) March 25, 2015

I assuredly likely would, and thank you very much for posting of your own free will, but… exactly what should I “enjoy the picture” as? Am I just to marvel at it’s beautiful curve or take heart in its potential life-sustaining nutritional function rather than enthusiastically, joyously even, exclaiming “tittie!”

“It’s just a body part. Boys have breasts and nipples and it’s fine for them to expose them. The same should apply to us.”

Indeed, and it has long been a staple in many men’s social media repertoire to post a chest or abs selfie, often getting just as much attention—in a totally non-sexual, purely function-informing manner of course—for doing so.

Actually though, are we really sure these body-shaming trolls that come out from under their bridge are all male as seems insinuated? It was noted, of course, that the majority of negative attention given to Kim K. for her glass balancing bedunk baring champaign incident was by women (, Nov. 2014) while most men simple grinned and most graciously beared it with no complaint.

Indeed, Sophie Heawood for The Guardian asked “Can a global movement that relies on photos of naked breasts really be one in the eye for patriarchy?”

#FreeTheNipple: liberation or titillation? (

“I contacted Björt Ólafsdottir [the Icelandic MP who, quite unexpectedly, put up a photo of herself revealing a breast in support] to ask why she set this whole thing in motion, and if people found it confusing. I had been reading the comments on articles about her, including those from a number of men saying they hadn’t had much truck with all this feminist rubbish before, and yet now they could see how great it was, and could more women join this campaign and liberate their nipples please.”

Poll: Took as read that you are quite happy to have #FreedNipples—you are here at a site with plenty on display after all—what do you feel is the actual motives for most backing the campaign? (Pick of the Week 8th July 2014).

Updates/Follw Ups 15th June 2015 2015.


“Hold A Coke With Your Boobs Challenge” is the work of adult entertainment scout, not breast charity (Pick of the Week 15th Jun. 2015).

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France bans ultra-thin models in crackdown on anorexia (video,

“A controversial bill has been passed in the fashion capital of the world banning excessively skinny models from the catwalk.”
France bans ultra-thin models

Updated 7th May 2017.

French ban on unhealthily-thin models comes into effect with agencies facing £60,000 fines if they break the law (

“Models will have to produce certificates signed off by doctors to prove they are physically healthy and have an acceptable BMI. As of October 1, 2017, it will be compulsory for commercial photographs to be labelled with the words ‘photographie retouchée’—which translates as ‘retouched photograph’—if the image has been edited to refine or enhance aspects of the model’s body.”

No indication yet as to whether that will just persuade French teens to think American teens are skinnier when picking up and leafing through an American mag on Parisian shelf or whether it will cause a shoot and producing shift as with the condom cockblock in porn filmed in LA moving production to Nevada (Pick of the Week 5th Feb. 2014).

Poll: France setting a good example or not?

Yes 50%
Not sure 31%
Sacrebleu! Not really state’s decision to make 11%
No 8%

This poll has now been archived.

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Corset enthusiast shrinks her waist to an extreme 16 inches (Pick of the Week, 31st October 2014)

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