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Pick of the Month

Pick of the Month

7th June 2017

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and Now we’ve had the first genderless acting gong presented if casting follows suit with unspecified gender the first genderless sex scene could be a pot-luck shocker for those involved.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Pick of the Month—for May

Due to sad personal events Pick of the Month for May was delayed a week. Thank you for your patience, and thanks to all aware of the circumstances that have sent well wishes.

Bella Thorne, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

Bella Thorne gave Magic Mountain underboob (celebexposuredigest…

Bella Thorne, Snapchat

Gave dancing jiggling cleavage and cheek

Bella Thorne, Snapchat

Gave mesh nippleage (celebrityoopsdigest…

Bella & Dani Thorne with Scott Disick in Cannes

And slipped nip for “intrusive” paparazzi long lens in Cannes with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Scott Disick.

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Kendall Jenner, Snapchat

Kendall Jenner gave Met Gala 2017 cheek (celebexposuredigest…

Kylie Jenner, Flaunt Cadence issue 2017

Kylie Jenner got her booty-enhanced Barbie on for Flaunt (celebexposuredigest…

Kendall & Kylie Jenner, DropTwo collection

With their DropTwo collection both got into another set of “personal collection” outfits exemplar of what they would actually wear, with no monkey’s uncle involved in picking…

Kourtney Kardashian, Instagram

Eldest of the Kardashian sisters Kourtney was “mother nature”

Kourtney Kardashian & Kendall Jenner, Antibes, France

And got buns out because the suns out with Kendall in Antibes.

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Katy Perry, Met Gala 2017 performance

Katy Perry gave black PVC Met Gala 2017 dominatrix performance (cheekypopdivadigest…

Katy Perry, the You Tube Up Fronts event at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC

Was pink dominatrix for You Tube Up Fronts

Katy Perry, KIIS FM Wango Tango in Los Angeles

And gave neon-dominatrixity at KIIS FM Wango Tango.

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Ariel Winter, Disneyland, California

Ariel Winter gave Disneyland cleavage and cheek (celebexposuredigest

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Ariel Winter, Chainsmokers tongue (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2017)
Ariel Winter, Bora Bora and birthday cheek (Pick of the Month, 31st January 2017)
Ariel Winter, lit caboose (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)
Zendaya, Boom Boom Room Meta Gala after party

Zendaya slipped Met Gala after party nipple (celebrityoopsdigest

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Zendaya poked it at Women’s March D.C. (Pick of the Month 31st January 2017)
Zendaya, Nickleodean Kid’s Choice and Extra pokeage (Pick of the Month, 31st July 2016)
Rita Ora, 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Rita Ora gave Billboard Music Award cheek (cheekypopdivadigest

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Rita Ora see-thru NYC nippleage (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2017)
Rita Ora, braless boobage and pokies—live! (Pick of the Month, 1st March 2017)
Rita Ora’s Wonderwell (Pick of the Month, 31st January 2017)
Pixie Lott, G-A-Y at Heaven Nightclub in London

Pixie Lott was lingerie inspired performing at G-A-Y (cheekypopdivadigest

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Pixie Lott, Stratford Stadium half-time performance (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2017)
Bella Hadid, 032c Summer 2017 issue

Bella Hadid gave cheek, pulled conceptual chain for 032c’s Summer 2017 issue (celebexposuredigest

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Bella Hadid, V magazine and catwalk nipple (Pick of the Month, 1st March 2017)
Selena Gomez preview cheek and Bella Hadid Parisian nippleage (Pick of the Month, 31st January 2017)
Izabel Goulart, Baywatch movie première, Miami

Brazilian model Izabel Goulart gave Baywatch reboot première cheek (celebrityoopsdigest

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Lizzy Cundy, Chi Kitchen and Tramp nightclub, London

The ever birth date changing WAGS World presenter Lizzie Cundy gave birthday opportune underboob and nipple (celebrityoopsdigest

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Lizzie Cundy Pink Ribbon tit slip (

Tongue teasers

Charli XCX, Instagram

Charli XCX gave studio vibe tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Charli XCX Coachella tongue (Pick of the Month, 30th April 2017)
Charli XCX, Brit Awards afterparty tongue (Pick of the Month, 31st March 2017)
Miley Cyrus, Access Hollywood Live in New York City

Miley Cyrus gave promotional tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Miley Cyrus Valentine’s tongue (Pick of the Month, 1st March 2017)
Miley Cyrus poked it at Women’s March LA (Pick of the Month, 31st January 2017)
Nicki Minaj, Instagram

Nicki Minaj gave PINK WIG THICK ASS pokeage (celebritytonguedigest

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Nicki Minaj poked bedunk for REAL 92.3 LA’s #REALBDayBash (Pick of the Month, 31st March 2016)
Rita Ora, Anniversary Soiree at the 70th Cannes Film Festival

Rita Ora poked Cannes Anniversary Soiree tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Bella Thorne, NYLON Young Hollywood Party

Bella Thorne gave NYLON tongue (celebritytonguedigest…

Dani Thorne, Instagram

Sister Dani shared ass kicked tongue

Dani Thorne, Instagram

And serpentine tongue.

Bella Thorne, Snapchat

And Bella gave tongue on Scott Disick’s backseat.

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Demi Lovato, Snapchat

Demi Lovato poked “Trouble” tongue (celebritytonguedigest

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Demi Lovato, Grammy’s pussy? (Pick of the Month, 1st March 2017)
Demi lovato cooled her tongue (Pick of the Month, 30th November 2016)

.:: Top column 2 ::.
Bella Thorne—“Dressing up with Bella #1 Gloves
Gloves—because without accessories a girl just feels naked!
Elle Fanning, How to Talk to Girls at Parties première at Cannes Film Festival

Elle Fanning gave Cannes sideboob (celebrityoopsdigest

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Elle Fanning, casting call nip slip (Pick of the Month, 31st March 2017)
Elle Fanning, amfAR pasties and sideboob (Pick of the Month, 31st May 2016)

Police dashcam shows Montana Fishburne, Laurence Fishburne’s ex porn star daughter, URINATE on the side of the road during arrest for drink driving (

“The wayward daughter of actor Laurence Fishburne can be seen relieving herself on the side of the road when she was arrested for drink driving—in newly obtained police dashcam footage. Montana Fishburne, 25, was arrested for DUI on 11 March. Wearing a skintight mini dress, the ex porn star can be seen pulling her dress up while talking to Florida Highway Patrol troopers. The troopers tried not to look as she hitched up her skirt. ‘I really need to pee and I will pee right here on your floor that’s not a problem, I just need to sit down,’ she told trooper Juan Pinzo.”

Indeed, and raising her leg again and asking him to wipe her wet foot after.

Montana Fishburne pees in front of cop after DUI stop

The wayward Montana you may recall, released gonzo sex-tape style porn career with Vivid Entertainment as some form of daddy rebellion back in 2010 before cautioning young women against the industry a few years later (, Oct. 2013).

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Arts, culture, tech. & tragedy

Pray for Manchester

Terror attack: Ariana Grande concert explosion at Manchester Arena (

“Tweeting in the early hours of Tuesday, the 23-year-old said: ‘broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.’ Meanwhile Grande’s management team, Scooter Braun Projects, said they had been left heartbroken by the incident and praised the actions of Manchester’s emergency services.”
Emma Watson: “Mine’s doubtless bigger than yours.”

Emma Watson delivers passionate speech as she accepts first-ever genderless acting gong at MTV Movie and TV Awards (

“The Beauty and the Beast star, 27, made history at the annual event held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. After collecting her award for Best Actor in a Movie, she praised MTV for making their awards genderless. She said: ‘I feel I have to say something about the award itself. The first acting award in history that doesn’t separate nominees based on their sex says something about how we perceive the human experience.’”

Which unnervingly sounds like it may get a lil’ too close to that often seen on some celeb blogs and “image faps” with much pictorial description of what famous genderly-specific female face makes them do with much “Chapopolis” genderless spiel about “a hole being a hole” and invariable talk about what ancient Greek philosophers had to say about that.

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 9th May 2017).

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Emma Watson, pink nipple peek for Vanity Fair (Pick of the Month 1st May 2017)
Britney Spears, 2001 MTV Video Music Awards

Snake not included! Britney Spears’ iconic I’m A Slave 4 U costume she wore to 2001 MTV Video Music Awards hits auction block (

“Britney Spears is one of pop’s most beloved stars. And now fans have a chance to own a piece from the 35-year-old talent’s iconic music career. Seven of the Toxic singer’s costumes are now on Ebay, including the sultry green number worn for her I’m A Slave 4 You performance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards in NYC. The live snake is not included. The seller is hoping to earn $1m dollars on the sale, but right now bids are around $46k. The strappy olive top and glittering short shorts Spears sported while showing off her awesome abs and writhing with a ball python on the MTV stage is one of her most memorable costumes.”

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 7th May 2017).

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Britney Spears, Snapchat tongue (Pick of the Month 31st March 2017)
Britney Spears, Vegas nipslip (Pick of the Month 1st March 2017)
Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore—Saint, Persuader and the suavest James Bond—dies aged 89 (

“He was the epitome of the suave English gent, quipping sweatlessly in a bespoke three-piece suit, who enjoyed an acting career spanning eight decades. On Tuesday, Roger Moore’s children announced his death at the age of 89 in Switzerland, saying: ‘he passed away today … after a short but brave battle with cancer’. Moore was best known for playing the third incarnation of James Bond as well as his roles in hit shows The Saint and The Persuaders. He also devoted a lot of his time to humanitarian work, becoming a Unicef goodwill ambassador in 1991.”

And never again will a mighty eyebrow say so much.

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 23rd May 2017).

Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and Audioslave Frontman, Dies at 52 (

“Chris Cornell, the powerful, dynamic singer whose band Soundgarden was one of the architects of grunge music, died on Wednesday night in Detroit after the band had earlier performed there. He was 52. In a statement released Thursday afternoon, the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office said the death was a suicide by hanging. It said a full autopsy had not yet been completed.”

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 18th May 2017).

Picasso was “misogynistic”, says friend

Picasso was “misogynistic”, says friend (video,

“An exhibition of Picasso’s art has opened in the Gagosian museum in London, curated by a close friend. ‘’He absolutely adored women but he was, I’m afraid very misogynistic. I don’t think you can defend his view, I don’t, but it made art.”

Which, with a repeated proclivity for painting mistress Dora Maar weeping, cubistically or not, should perhaps surprise no one.

And does his obsession with the monstrous but tragic man-bull Minotaur point to more than Spanish cultural trope too with his allusions to Mithraism, suggesting his bull headed self-depictions paint a romanticised Pagan Christ figure?

.:: Read more ::. (Latest Picks 2nd May 2017).

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Dali sketch for Nazi loving Wallis Simpson to be auctioned (Pick of the Week 24th September 2013)

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