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Pick of the Week

24th September 2013

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of last weeks best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A weekly round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and… damn, I’ve stuck the wings on wrong all along!

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Last weeks best stories & pics

Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
Pick of the week: illustrated sexy celebrity entertainment and quirky stories
All over between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus confirmed it’s finally all off with Liam Hemsworth by unfollowing on Twitter (

“It’s believed that Miley’s recent behavior in the public eye has been caused problems in their four-year relationship.”

Meaning the distance he was told to put between himself and Miley over her Twerkgate VMA performance was stopping him getting Eiza Gonzalez and Liam Hemsworth dating? as near her ass as Robin Thicke.

Liam confirmed it in turn by being snapped cozying up discussing almeja dishes with Mexican hottie Eiza González (, which in turn had Miley Cyrus and Mike Will Made It dating? Miley tweeting snaps sparking rumours of rumpmance with her producer Mike Will Made It ( I’m sure he did—quite sore too.

Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival

Still defiant, Miley stepped out in nipple pasties and fishnet dress for twerkage, tongue pokage, and crotch grabbage with a banana mic, twerking dwarves and face pulling mushrooms at the iHeartRadio Music Festival (

Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival

Yup, Miley may have decided to retire her tongue poking (Pick of the Week 19th Sept.)… just not anytime soon (

Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival

Here’s those pics and more in HQ: ass cheeks, crotch grabbing, tongue poking, bra catching, face pulling mushrooms and…

Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival

Nipple pasties, fishnet dress, and banana mic unpeeling (

Updated 17th July 2015.

Links dead. Apologies.

Yup, there was a little lip slippage too (

Updated 3rd October 2013.
Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It
“Will appears to have been given the seal of approval from mom Tish, who happily chatted with her daughter’s rumoured new squeeze while they waited for Miley to return.”

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Ke$ha, iHeartRadio Music Festival

Yup, Ke$ha showed her cheeks at iHeartRadio Music Festival too (

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Snooki on Bethenny

Snooki wants a breast lift (

“…I want to feel confident with my boobies and I don’t,” she confessed.

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Snooki showed her pussy in nude leaked cell phone pics (Pick of the Week, 11th June 2012)
Rita Ora pin-up tattoo

Rita Ora got topless pin-up tattoo (

“…Ora’s ink is ‘the most detailed tattoo’ [Bang Bang McCurdy’s] ever done on a celebrity, adding that it’s a ‘realistic version of a Vargas painting of a pinup girl.’”
Rita Ora leaving pilates class

Here’s Rita’s tight body leaving pilates class (

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Kate Moss see-thru candids in Milan

Kate Moss gave see-thru nipplege in Milan (

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Courtney Stodden drunken candids

Courtney Stodden gave drunken upskirt and bowling ball cleavage in London after Celebrity Big Brother exit (

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Jessie J, Brazil beach candids

Jessie J was having bikini fun in the sun girl time in Brazil (

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Jessie J had shaved her head for Comic Relief (Pick of the Week, 19th March)
Nabilla Benattia oops

Oops! French model and reality TV star Nabilla Benattia gave big boob slippage (

Updated 17th July 2015.

Link dead. Apologies.

Updated 17th November 2013: link changed.
Info: Nabilla Benattia (

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Jennifer Nicole Lee, Miami

Jennifer Nicole Lee gave skirt crack shots in Miami (…

Updated 17th November 2013: link changed.
Jennifer Nicole Lee, pool oops, Miami

Then gave some full bootage pool slippage (

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Katie Price

Police investigate Katie Price stolen sex pictures with ex-lover (

“Katie has been helping police after a third party was blackmailed. An individual has now been arrested and charged, so she won’t comment further.”

Could the ex-lover be cross-dressing MMA ring warrior Alex Reid, about whom Katie confessed at a press conference last year, “I f**ked Alex up the a**e with a vodka bottle.” Ouch!

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Katie Price’s tit popped out at her 3rd wedding (Pick of the Week, 22nd January)

.:: Top column 2 ::.
Snooki pussy play
Recalling her “leaked” cell phone pictures, Snooki came upon a suitable idea to generate support for boob job.
Penelope Cruz topless on vacation

Penelope Cruz fed fantasies with fully loaded funbags on vacation (

Here’s a slightly fuller piccie (

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Alexa Vega, Machete Kills premier at Fantastic Fest in Austin

Alexa Vega’s cleavage was a Fantastic Fest at the Machete Kills premier in Austin (

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Sofia Vergara’s boobs open fire in Machete Kills (Latina Pick of the Week, 13th March)
Lady Gaga joins Alexa Vega in Machete Kills (Pick of the Week, 30th July 2012)

Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Cheerleading most dangerous sport for women

Most dangerous sport for women? It’s cheerleading! (

“Cheerleading, believe it or not, is the sport that causes BY FAR the highest number of serious injuries amongst women in the country.”

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Lea-Ann Ellison, pregnant weightlifter

Heavily pregnant mother sparks outrage for weightlifting (

“Lea-Anne, a CrossFit enthusiast from Los Angeles, posted photos of herself lifting heavy weights on Facebook while heavily pregnant and has since received a huge backlash from commenters.”

I assume those vitriolically commenting “beyond a way of life” and “obsession” stick safely to less than a dozen armchair “get-ups” a week.

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Pincer Movement by Jack Vettriano

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones concluded Jack Vettriano is just the Tom Jones of 21st-century art (

“The world of Jack Vettriano is a crass male fantasy…. There’s nothing wrong with erotic art—some of the world’s greatest art is erotica—but where Titian shares his awe of the human body, Vettriano constructs scenarios with all the emotion of an Airfix modeller’s painted Spitfire.”

Ouch! There you go—that male fantasy leakage was just superglue all along!

Jack Vettriano

As his retrospective at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum begins, Vettriano in his defense claimed “critics don‘t take sex seriously” (

“He says he likes to examine the ‘power of sex’ and why it makes people lie and cheat and betray those to whom they are closest. … ‘Even presidents do it. Bill Clinton lied very convincingly about it and got found out. That’s the power of sex and I’ll never deviate from examining that power.’”

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Dali sketch for Wallis Simpson

Dalí sketch for Wallis Simpson to be auctioned (

“The pencil sketch, drawn on a correspondence card from The St Regis hotel in New York, was completed by Salvador Dali for the Duchess in 1958.”
Updated 25th September 2013.
“Wallis Simpson and Dalí were both habitues of a brittle elite world that could flirt with Hitler as if the fate of millions of people were a sick joke. After the war, Dalí was happy and rich in Franco’s Spain.”

That ripping sound is Maurice tearing up his giclée print of “El gran masturbador”.

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Salvador Dali work stolen, then returned by mail (Pick of the Week, 25th February)

(Is) Bing’s redesign about much more than a new logo (

“The new design aims to optimise Bing’s UX, as Microsoft still wants its search engine to take on Google.”

Lots of new bells and whistle features there, but no mention of search results—the one and only thing that will provide Google with a viable competitor, something many really wish to see.

Where Bing does already have the upper search hand is with Bing Images.

Bing Images makes use of “entity understanding”, meaning that it interprets if what you’re looking for is a person, place, or thing etc. and returns image results more effectively based on this understanding, filtering out exact or near duplicates much better than Google Images.

big ginger jugs
Bing Images understood what you were really looking for when you tapped in “big ginger jugs” much better than than Google Images.

Bing even uses higher quality images as part of their algorithm. With image searches now the default search for many, I am suprised that Bing hasn’t yet been able to capitalise on that, likely evidence that of anything by Microsoft is still seen as über-uncool.

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Google Blink to restart the browser wars? (Pick of the Week, 8th April)
Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V lived up to hype, steals car, sets house on fire (…

Nets £500m in first day sales (

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