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12th February 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and dares not think how many pairs of labia lips are now dragging along the carpet.

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Last week’s best stories & pics

Miley Cyrus, Vogue Germany

Wunderbar! Miley Cyrus got her goombas out for Vogue Germany (

Updated 2nd July 2015.

Link changed.

Updated 23rd February 2014.
Miley Cyrus, Vogue Germany behind the scenes

Here’s Miley in a behind the scenes clip of her Vogue Germany photoshoot with Mario Testino. (, 102mb | 1280x720 | 0:55 | AVI | Preview image—Picasa).

Please note: file has not been uploaded by me, nor do I take responsibility for it. I’m just saving you a search.

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Miley Cyrus got topless, talked porn for W (Pick of the Week, 5th February)

W magazine gave celebrity Pillow Tweets.

Photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott snapped sexy shot between the sheets shots of Kendall Jenner, Cindy Crawford, Miranda Kerr, and Rita Ora, to name a few, posed in various states of undress in stunning black and white photos.

Here’s a few.

Miley Cyrus, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Starting with a topless one featured in last weeks picks of Miley Cyrus (…

Kendall Jenner, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Kendall Jenner

Miranda Kerr, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Miranda Kerr

Cindy Crawford, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Cindy Crawford

Updated 2nd July 2015.

Links updated.

Ciara, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Ciara (…

Rita Ora, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Rita Ora

Vanessa Hudgens, W magazine Pillow Tweets

Vanessa Hudgens.

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J.Lo was actitud provocativa in August’s W magazine (Latina Pick of the Week, 17th July 2013)
Nicki Minaj, Instagram

Nicki Minaj busted out the nipple pasties again (celebrityoopsdigest

“Certainly seemingly her favorite accessory, Nicki Minaj busted out the nipple pasties again on her Instagram.”

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Nicki Minaj Instagrammed these! (Pick of the Week, 24th October 2013)
Nicki Minaj tweeted a tittie selfie (Pick of the Week, 15th August 2013)
Emma Watson, Wonderland magazine

Emma Watson got all hot and bothered in Wonderland (

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Emma Watson gave rare bikini candids in the Caribbean (Pick of the Week, 14th January)
Sarah Hyland, Vampire Academy Hollywood Premiere

Sarah Hyland was cleavagely cute at Vampire Academy Hollywood Premiere (

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Sofia Vergara showed hers off at the Golden Globes afterparty (Latina Pick of the Week, 15th January)
Sarah Hyland was giving for America in Pasadena (Pick of the Week, 17th December 2012)
Selena Gomez, Sherman Oaks

Selena Gomez gave bare-midriff (

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Selena Gomez gave out and about no bra pokage candids (Pick of the Week, 5th February)
Kim Kardashian, Los Angeles

Kim Kardashian gave ginormous mega-booty! (

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Luisa Zissman poolside bikini show in Spain

With Celebrity Big Brother wrapped up, Luisa Zissman put on a poolside bikini show in Spain (

Info: Luisa Zissman (

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.:: Top column 2 ::.
Mariah Carey oops BET
Mariah Carey, the Honors oops that wasn’t, no matter how much you BET.
Mariah Carey BET Honors performance, Washington

Mariah Carey didn’t quite fall out of her low-cut gown posed on a piano at the BET Honors (…

Much to the Mail’s chagrin:

“But although the audience no doubt enjoyed her performance, it’s likely that many viewers will have been wondering whether or not the 43-year-old’s ample assets would remain inside the bodice of her specially designed Rubin Singer dress.”

Yep, and you thought it was a finger bashing those piano keys.

Mariah Carey BET Honors performance, Washington

Here’s the pics (

Updated 2nd July 2015.

Dead link. Apologies.

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Mimi’s Xmas baps lit the tree at Rockefeller Center (Pick of the Week, 8th December 2013)
Mimi gave for 4th July (Pick of the Week, 4th July 2013)
Micaela Schaefer naked Valentine’s display

German model/actress/singer Micaela Schaefer gave a heart pasties naked Valentine’s display (

Info: Micaela Schaefer (

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Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Russian president Vladimir Putin, Russian bobsledder Irina Skvortsova opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics

Oops! Sochi Winter Olympics failed to light up Putin’s ring, but that didn’t happen, is that clear? (

“The five were supposed to join together and erupt in fireworks, but one snowflake failed to expand. But everything worked fine for [Russian president] Vladimir Putin, who was seen enjoying all five rings in a picture taken in his presidential suite …watching the Russian national broadcast feed, Rossiya, which cut to a footage of the five rings working perfectly from the opening ceremony’s full rehearsal.”

Had the audience not been an international one I suspect many unlucky audience-packed carriages would now be winding their way by rail to Siberia, never to be seen again.

Sochi Olympics twin toilets

So, okay, the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 hasn’t exactly gone smoothly so far, with toothpaste bomb threats, plane hijacking, all that fuss about backgammon players and scissor sisters and errm… twin toilets (

Gilly Cooke bobsleigh spandex split at the 2010 winter Olympics

What’s missing so far though is any oops of the calibre and context we may be wishing for like Gilly Cooke’s epic bobsleigh spandex split at the 2010 winter Olympics (GoogleTube).

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Vaginal weightlifting

Vaginal weightlifting is Kung Fu for the fanny! (

“Forget Kegels, lifting weights will do your pelvic floor more good, says the sex guru who’s trying to tempt women to take up vaginal Kung Fu.”

Note that “fanny” is slang for the vagina in the UK and Oz rather than the ass as in the US, which is why “slapping her on the fanny” will get you quite a slightly stronger reaction over here. Kung Fu for the fanny? Just wait till you can perforn a Tan Sau block with it!

Recent/related stories:

Heavily pregnant mother sparks outrage for weightlifting (Pick of the Week, 24th September 2013)
Pornographic Georgian tiles

Pornographic Georgian tiles found on Fleet Street will be displayed in Museum of London’s over-18s-only Valentine’s Day evening exhibition (

“They look to have been inexpensively made, leading to the theory that they could have been put up and taken down at short notice to provide an atmospheric setting for temporary late-night activities at brothels or gentlemen’s clubs. Their precise original purpose remains a mystery, but their existence provides a rarely-seen glimpse into the decorative art of London’s underworld during the 18th century. ”

Georgian? 1714 to 1837. Think Age of Enlightenment, American Revolution, Jane Austin, Napoleonic Wars, Sharpe’s Rifles, The Madness of King George and Blackadder the Third (

Recent/related stories:

Roman brothel tokens give a peep at the rise of erotic art (Pick of the Week, 13th January 2012)

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