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Pick of the Week

13th June 2014

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Here’s my grab-bag pick of the best illustration inspiring celebrity gossip, scandals, arts, entertainment, & just plain quirky stories & picture sexiness. A round-up for busy pervs. There’s pictures—reading optional.

Disclaimer: Any comments I make are purely satirical, totally without foundation, and I think it should be a deadliest ass banging contest with Shaki, like in the “Can’t Remember To Forget You” vid.

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Pick of the best stories & pics

Miley Cyrus with Selena Gomez cutout in Milan

Miley Cyrus shook and rubbed her stuff in Milan—but did she take a twerk too far tossing rude SelGo cutout into the crowd while belting her “FU” song? (cheekypopdivadigest

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Miley Cyrus gave #dirtyhippie Instagram tongue (Pick of the Week, 21st May)
Kendall Jenner, Interview magazine

Kendall Jenner pulled it up and off, going topless for Interview (celebrityoopsdigest…

Kendall Jenner, book signing in NY

And was shirtless and bra-less for book signing event for her futuristic novel (

Sadly, Rebels: City Of Indra: The Story Of Lex And Livia was proving not so popular as bare boob under a blazer, with Amazonions describing the dystopian science fiction as “dry, laughable, unoriginal, and awful” leaving a ghost writer in tears, until she banked the cheque. For sure, it likely resembles little the fanfic on a certain members message board.

Kendall Jenner, Instagram

Kendall it seems turned to a hairbrush for solace.

Yep, we can all imagine where that’s gonna go!

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Kendall Jenner was cheeky in shorts at Coachella (Pick of the Week, 21st April)
Lily Allen, Mojo Club in Hamburg

Sheezus! Lily Allen gave her boobage and baggy vagina a bit of shiny mesh see-thruness at Mojo Club in Hamburg (celebrityoopsdigest

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Lily Allen did Beyoncé for chaps (Pick of the Week, 30th April)
Vanessa Hudgens, hiking in Los Angeles

Vanessa Hudgens whipped off her vest for some white sports bra, toned tummy and wet sweatpants hiking (celebrityoopsdigest

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Jessica Simpson drunk cleavage

Jessica Simpson gave one over the eight mommy boobage (

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Jessica Simpson gave huge cleavage candids in Calabas (Pick of the Week, 2nd October 2013)
Cara Delevingne, Instagram

Cara Delevingne Instagrammed “pregnant” sideboob (celebrityoopsdigest…

Cara Delevingne, Michelle Rodriguez topless-Mexican getaway

But sadly, split with Michelle Rodriguez.

“Cara really cares for Michelle, but wasn’t sure she was ready for a long-term commitment.”

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Kate Middleton bare bottom

“Off with their heads!” German tabloid Bild got the royal wind up publishing a picture of Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton’s bare bottom (

“The image of the royal bottom, described as ‘notorious’, was taken during the recent Royal tour of Australia. The photographer captured the revealing shot after wind from a helicopter blew up Kate’s skirt whilst her and the Prince were visiting the Blue Mountains near Sydney.”
Kim Kardashian “Reality Royalty” butt

I’m one to wonder if that the feature was padded out with photographs of “Reality Royalty” Kim Kardashian’s (Pick of the Week, 12th Nov. 2012) big badunkadunk was as much part of the fuss.

You can catch the royal cheeks spread here (

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Princess Beatrice gave bikini booty in St. Tropez (Pick of the Week, 15th August 2013)

.:: Top column 2 ::.
Miley Cyrus—Fierce Tits and Tongue
Poor SelGo, tossed into a baying crowd. How were we to know Miley Cyrus would become all fierce tongue and tits!
Rihanna accepting Spike TV’s  for Most Desirable Woman award

Rihanna was clothed a picture of elegance and not freeing any nipple accepting Spike TV’s “Mantlers” for Most Desirable Woman award (

Congrats! Now importantly who’s she gonna fight on Spike’s Deadliest Warrior? (

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Nia Sanchez, Miss USA 2014

Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez crowned Miss USA 2014 (

“Miss Nevada, who has a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo, won the title of Miss USA 2014 in Baton Rouge….”

Congrats! Yep, I wanna see her do an axe kick in that swimsuit too.

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Kirsty Heslewood crowned Miss England 2013 (Pick of the Week, 24th June 2013)

Arts, culture, tech. & funnies

Those topless activist cheeky girls FEMEN were at it again, sucking dildos because… they care? (

Apparently they were “sucking dildos in Putin’s name” or… while appreciated, I think the method may have distracted from the message somewhat.

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FEMEN staged an international “Topless Jihad” day (Pick of the Week, 8th April 2013)
Ministry of Bangkok Pacification Patrol recruits?

Thai junta dispatched glamorous “army girls” to win hearts, minds and c… (

“Thailand’s military is trying to win hearts and minds following its controversial military coup by dressing attractive young women in army outfits and asking them to sing, dance and salute to the public.”

Ministry of Pacification Patrol recruits undoubtedly doing their military upmost to change the worlds perception of Bangkok. Crowd control? You wanna see what they shoot, and where from! Blimey! All we got for our protestations is wild haired Mayor Boris Johnson offering to be blasted by water cannon to prove they are safe after ordering three for London (

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson: “Can you guess where the cannon hose is safely stuck now?”

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Thai police clean house with RiRi’s tweets (Pick of the Week, 24th October 2013)
Japanese fetish full body suits

Latest Japanese fetish a total cover-up (

“Full body and skin suits are the latest sensation among fetish lovers in Tokyo.”

For sure, that’s certainly tingling their spidey senses. Hang on though…

Cuckoo in the fetish nest?

Crikey! Can you spot the cuckoo in the nest at 1:23?

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Japan’s Love Hotels see business booming (Pick of the Week, 19th February)
Why Japan embraced sex in art with a passion (Pick of the Week, 2nd October 2013)
Eugene Goostman, supercomputer
Eugene Goostman, supercomputer. Has he fooled the “Real Name” policy on Google Plus yet?

Supercomputer passed Turing Test, convincing it was human, for first time (

“The Turing Test was developed by mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing based on the question of ‘can machines think’ and the date it was beaten coincides with the 60th anniversary of Turing’s death.”

Professor Kevin Warwick (, who had a chip implanted into his arm in 1998 with the aim of becoming a cyborg, asserted that “some will claim that the Test has already been passed”, which may seem bourne out by some chaps sitting in internet video chatrooms with “women” likely run by a lil’ old chap in Wolverhampton, and some assert the actual accomplishments of the test-winning chatbot were actually not all that impressive:

Eugene scored an “F” in the Turing Test (

“The program had a few built-in advantages, such as the fact that he was claimed to be a 13-year-old non-native English speaker from Ukraine. It also only tricked the judges about 30 percent of the time (an F minus, or so). For many artificial intelligence experts, this is less than exciting.”

For sure, that does seem to stack things in its favour; did he fool the chocolate king of Ukraine though? (Pick of the Week, 8th April).

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